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  • Hello @elthar, I hope you’re well today.

    Could you please test this with the twentytwelve theme? It could simply be a theming issue.


    Has anyone determined the source of this conflict? i am having a similar issue using a child theme of twentytwelve and would like to remedy the problem by fixing my theme. Thanks!

    i tested with twentytwelve and twentyeleven and am still getting the same issue. i also ran through my plugins and didn’t find any apparent conflicts there. Does Wiki require certain permissions on any directories/files? Or could any config file settings conflict with its functionality? Hoping to sort this out as i love the simplicity of this plugin and the fact that it uses custom post types. Thanks for any help/direction you can offer.

    Update: i have found that upon a wiki load, $_GET and $_REQUEST are empty. i forced the page into the following else statement on line 137:

    if (isset($_REQUEST['action']) && $_REQUEST['action'] == 'edit') {
      add_action('the_content', array(&$this, 'get_edit_form'));
    } else {
      add_filter('the_content', array(&$this, 'theme'), 99 );

    When i did that, the edit page loaded just fine.

    Upon investigating why those globals were empty, i found that whatever wiki page was published after that which is called by the browser is being loaded at the end, thus emptying these globals.

    Any thoughts on why this page might be loading in the background? Thanks!

    Disregard my last post … this page loading seems to happen, even when the edit page is working on a clean install.

    However, i did find the issue of what must emptying the $_REQUEST on my site.

    If a custom Wiki Slug is set, then tabs break. However, if no custom slug is set, then functionality is as normal.

    Glad i chased this around and found the issue. It probably has to do with permissions on my .htaccess file (maybe?)

    Developers, can you please help direct me to the proper settings on that file or how i might remedy this? Thanks for a great simple wiki plugin!

    TAKE NOTE!!!

    Do NOT leave wiki slug blank in Wiki Settings … doing so will likely render all pages/posts (except wikis) as a 404. i suppose this should be common knowledge for a seasoned user … i overlooked it. Developers, their should be a fail-safe for this. Don’t allow users to leave this setting blank, please. My site was down for several hours … oops.

    Now, i’m back to square one … need to keep the $_REQUEST from emptying for some strange reason. Anyone with ideas that i can try or investigate, please shoot them my way. Thanks!

    @uamv I’m glad you got this one figured out…
    Thanks for reporting your findings!
    I’ll report these to the plugin developers.

    Does the error still occur with the twentytwelve theme and ALL other plugins disabled?


    Indeed, it does. Also, tabs are still broken when all else is disabled. Note that for above issue (leaving slug blank):

    1. if i reset a slug, all returns to normal – no 404s
    2. if i disable Wiki Lite, all pages load to home page, but show permalink of requested page … this is then fixed by resetting permalinks
    3. if all plugins and theme disabled, number 2 does not seem to happen
    4. i can only get editing (and other tabs) functional by not setting a slug … but, of course, this breaks other things.

    Note: i’ve published a test wiki at if it is useful. i can get you access if need be. Thanks, Ari!

    Hello again @uamv, I hope you’re well today!
    I’m sorry for not responding any sooner here.
    Do you still require assistance on this issue?

    Please advise,

    @aristath, yes, still in need of assistance with the issue. Can’t figure why the tabs are not working. Again, though it breaks the rest of the site, tabs do work if no slug is set. i think this hint has got to get us in the right direction … maybe. Let me know if you have any thoughts or tests i could run. Thanks for the reply!

    Could you please post a link to your site so that I may take a look?


    You can see a test wiki at

    The other wiki’s are private. i can get you additional access if you need. Just let me know where i might contact you directly.

    Thanks for you assistance!

    Could you please send me your admin credentials so that I may take a closer look?
    Send an email to aristath at incsub dot com
    – Include a link to this thread so that I may track this issue better
    – Include your admin credentials (user/pass). Please note that if this is a multisite installation I’ll need superadmin
    – Include a link to your site


    Just solved it!!!

    i have been transferring our wikis from a separate docuwiki install. This dedicated wiki install was housed in a subdirectory named ‘inside’ and accessed at Though, i’d removed the slug, it seems that i never tried a slug other than ‘inside’ … troubleshooting failure on my part. Simply keeping the slug name populated, but using something other than ‘inside’ allowed me to access all tabs. Additionally, changing the name of the subdirectory for the separate wiki install, allowed me to successfully use ‘inside’ as a slug.

    Thanks for walking through this with me and keeping me on the hunt for the issue!

    This topic can be marked Resolved!

    🙂 That’s great news!
    I’m glad you were able to resolve this!
    I was about to start banging my head against the wall with this issue, that’s why I asked for admin access earlier.

    Take care!

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