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  • Note: I am unable to see the version of wordpress i am using. It is not displayed in my dashboard, on my page or newsfeed at all.

    But the issue is this: all of my graphs, maps of world views, and refers are blank. They have no data whatsoever, yet I have been receiving follows and favourites (so there must be at least a few units of data for the graphs). The only box on the “stats” page that works is the “totals, follows, & shares.” It’s frustrating that i cannot monitor at all how much traffic i am getting, or changes over time. The graph just says “no stats are available for this time period”. I have WordPress on my phone, and have tried it on other devices, yet the graphs are still blank. Given my account has been up for over 6 months and I have had support and follows, I am confused.

    I am on Safari, and use a Mac, if that helps. As a side not if someone does know where to find what version of WordPress is being used let me know, but i have spent well over an hour trying to figure this out. Any help would be massively appreciated!!

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  • Hi, the WordPress version can usually be seen in the dashboard, in the meta box titled At a Glance, right below the comments. It says something like WordPress 3.9.1 running Twenty Fourteen theme..
    It can also be found in the front end:
    1. go to any page on the front end of the site
    2. view the page source, in Google Chrome for example, press Ctrl+U (cmd+u in Mac)
    3. find the meta generator, it will be similar to this

    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.9.1" />

    Now, given your issue “no stats are available for this time period”, it doesn’t sound like something from WordPress but from a plugin, specifically, JetPack? if so, check this thread where the user reportedly solved the issue with a small modification

    Hope it helps, cheers.

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