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  • Make sure you have su_ in Shortcodes > Settings > Shortcodes prefix

    FYI…I’m going back and manually fixing everything and it’s working.

    But still, is this a common problem? If so, how do you resolve? Obviously this is not something I want to do again.

    Hiya Kent,

    Why do you need to manually fix everything?
    I’ve upgraded 14 different sites with this plugin and have never had to do that..

    What are you doing to “fix” it?
    If you are removing the su_ from all of your shortcodes to fix it, the above suggestion (adding su_ to settings) will fix all your shortcodes in 2 seconds (except the ones that you have “manually” fixed)

    See also: (the link shows what I had to do for a custom gn_ but it also explains the differences, and then at the bottom, the fix from now on.. and in future.. )

    I had su_ in all of it. Once those are removed, it seems to work again.

    will try that add in shortcodes prefix

    thank you…that seemed to fix it.

    now I have to go back and refix manual stuff I did…uggh 🙂

    hehe, awesome 🙂

    I hoped to get you in time 🙂

    THX so much!
    Not sure why su_ broke in setting codes. Any ideas?

    It’s only in the latest version that you’ve had to add that prefix.

    My guess is you upgraded to the latest version in the last few days (or someone else who has access to your website might of done all your updates for all of your plugins and probably didn’t check the changelog before updating)

    The last update prior to that (last week or so) the su_ and compatibility mode was enabled by default (which stuffed up everyone else’s sites that didn’t have su_ as their shortcode prefix.. or compatibility mode enabled). The su_ prefix is relatively new, so if you installed this plugin in the past couple of months, you probably wouldn’t of noticed any problems until this latest update.

    This new updated version is going to help all of us with the really old shortcodes as well as any new ones, as well as help anyone that needs to get rid of su_ and change it to something else (if a new plugin somewhere down the line uses su_ for some reason). Hopefully in future versions, you won’t have to remember to add it.. because hopefully it will stay in your database.. I’m not sure on that, until the next update… lol, but at least this time it’s a 2 second fix instead of a functions.php change which is what the older shortcode users had to do.

    happyches – you have been so helpful. THANK YOU!

    Hi happyches… you seem to be really familiar with this plugin. I am having problems getting the developer to answer. Wondering if you might know how to add links to images in the sliders? This is my shortcode… [su_slider source=”media: 1499,2659,1512,2749″ title=”yes” link=”custom” autoplay=”7000″ speed=”1600″]

    Many thanks

    I am unclear on what you mean by “the su_ and compatibility mode was enabled by default”, happyches.

    I updated today and noticed shortcodes were not working. I simply removed the su_ prefix and they are all working as expected. For clarification, how will this affect my sites on the network in the future?

    “This new updated version is going to help all of us with the really old shortcodes as well as any new ones”.

    Will the removal of the prefix keep any new shortcodes from having it by default, including new sites added after this update?

    It makes complete sense adding the prefix option and I wonder if I should change any existing shortcodes in the database. If this is a good idea, can you suggest the best way to go about this?

    Thank you for all the input!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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