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  • WilbertDaFilbert


    Am not sure if this is the proper place to post this. If not, please redirect me to an appropriate forum.

    Am looking for ways to promote my blog, so I can drive up traffic. I feel like I am talking to a wall sometimes.



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  • Do you promote yourself?

    Facebook, twitter, Google+, other sites similar in topic to your own?

    We can worry about search engines, and SEO stuff, but the number one traffic source is going to be organic – through promotion, getting involved in conversations




    I think that is the question, and I agree with your approach. SEO isn’t really the answer. I am also not a FB, Twitter, or G+ user (not yet anyway).

    I setup a blog, and then joined an independent site for related content, where they have forums and the possibility of user-created groups. I can add in a blog link, but I don’t want to do that yet. I was thinking it would be better to start a user-created group, and then test the waters there to look for meaningful traffic before promoting the blog. In the meantime, I’m generating content, which I will disburse when I know my audience better.

    But – with respect to the user-created group – it only puts the question back at square one.

    The site has tons of user-created groups. I’ve found some openings for types of groups they don’t have, so I could set up shop and fill a need. But I’m still kind of stuck on how to get an unknown group (and, hence, eventually my blog) populated.

    Any thoughts?


    As said, if somebody knows you blog exists, they might come to it ( or not ) . The internet is filled with resources on how to promote your content.

    I get decent traffic on a couple of sites, simply by pointing people out to it.

    I do minimal SEO work with Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin, which also generates sitemaps for me that I’ve submitted to Google.

    That’s the extent of my backend work

    Beyong that, for my music site, I vist forums and point people to various music I offer on my site – or if I have a relevant article to a discussion I see, again, I point it out.

    Same goes for VoodooPress, my WordPress related site. I don’t promote heavily, but I do when I see a relevant discussion.

    Once some people know about your site, more follow!

    Gabe Young


    The best forms of promotion may depend on your niche, your audience, and your site goals and objectives. Could you answer those questions?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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