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  • I’m not sure when this happened, because I’m not the only admin on our site, so somewhere he has updated this plug-in to the latest version

    We have a multi-network setup, but when I installed this plug-in the first time, a couple weeks ago, don’t remember the version, we couldn’t activate it on network basis. But we could activate it on each sites separately. It has been working great.

    But now with something happened. On the plug-in page on the network admin panel, it says it’s installed. I see the performance button on the panel menu and I can see all the settings. I haven’t reflected on this before, that there was a performance menu here too, because we activated the plug-in separately on each site.

    But when I go to one of the sites admin panel (main site), there is the performance menu too, but I can only see Dashboard, FAQ, Support, About in the menu. No settings as it was the version I installed in the first place.

    When I then go to the plug-in menu the W3 Total Cache isn’t listed there at all.

    I then go back to Network Admin Panel and check the settings on the performance menu, everything setting I’ve done before, on the seperately sites, isn’t here.

    I go to the plug-in menu and try to uninstall the plug-in to re-install it again, it says it can’t delete it because it’s activated on our main site, the one I talked about above.

    I go to the main site admin panel plug-in menu again to check if I was blind, but no W3 Total Cache there, so I can’t inactivate the plug-in so I can uninstall it.

    So I had to manually delete the whole plug-in.

    I have now read through this forum and I’m now afraid to install it again till I’m certain it won’t f**k up my site again.

    If you, the plug-in author, have any solutions or thoughts about how this could happened?

    Thanks on beforehand,

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  • Ramrod , In network dashboard,
    Step 1 : Go to General Settings , under Performance menu.
    Step 2 : Go to Miscellaneous section and there you have two important options :

    Use single network configuration file for all sites.
    and Hide performance settings .

    Read the description and uncheck both of them as per your requirment.



    Its the same with me. I upgraded my W3TC plugin, to latest version. After the upgrade, it is only possible to Network Active the plugin, after which I get all the options in the Performance section.

    But this is not what I want, I want it to use on individual site, but when I check the plugin list in the site interface I am not able to see W3TC in the list.

    Strange.. This didn’t happen in the previous version,


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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