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  • I set about to design a theme with zero graphics, stumbled upon a neat javascript css technique that rounds corners, yet validates, and depricates quite nicely. The resulting theme is here. Everything validates, just not sure I went with the best color scheme. Only thing I haven’t done that I can think of is style a calendar and include that.
    WordPress Station. The idea for the site may become obsolete if the impending new WP walmart opens soon. However, I personally like visiting plugin and theme authors’ site to get the plugin or theme. It’s a nice way to see new sites. At least that was the idea of the site, a central location that branched to the source, and to keep up as much as possible with updates.
    But that truthfully isn’t the reason for the post. I’d like some honest and brutal feedback on the look and feel. It was designed to fit inside an 800×600 browser, body background may change, but again, the idea was to stay away from any graphics in the theme.
    Thanks in advance.
    Also, I have only looked at the site in IE mac, which doesn’t support the rounded corners, but otherwise looked good. Some IE windows feedback would be nice.
    The goal will be for public release.

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  • The link returns “topic not found.”

    It’s amazing how some how omitting those two “//” can render a link useless…
    Thanks. and fixed.

    please see the sidebar in IE, it doesnt look good.

    otherwise, it is good work if this is the first theme from you.

    Nice use of nifty for the rounded corners, I glommed on to it myself in the redesign of the non-WP part of my site.

    Yeah you may want to rethink the colors. My advice is to go as nuetral as possible and let the people who use the theme adjust accordingly.

    Definitely. That retina-burning combination of lime green and bright blue (bg) is jarring. Use a color picker to get a better color combo. Something muted would be better on the eyes. The content of this site should take center stage.

    For the record joni, those colors where garnered using a color picker. But I’ll work on the color combo.

    Ya know, I’ve never really put much stock in the color pickers. My technique? I goto a high traffic site, let’s say for example, and I open up Fireworks. Next I pick variations of color combinations that are pleasant to the eyes based on the colors of the site I’m on. You come away without having copied the “look” of another site, but you get a better set of combinations for your trouble. IMO

    Couple of suggestions:

    Perhaps use the same technique to round the corners of the “container” as well, give it a padding of 10-15 and a 2px border.

    I’ve also got to agree with the others, the colors could quite possibly damage someone’s eyes. Try
    You’ll find many color schemes that work in concert.

    You may also consider not centering the post headers as it (IMHO) looks a little chunky.

    Nice idea though and good work.

    As Sadish mentioned in IE the theme doesn’t work out well.

    Personally I know all sites go for muted color (includingg to some extent my sites) but I think it is time someone boldly came out with “retina-burning” color combinations. It makes a bold statement.

    I like the color schemer app, I’m looking at the trial version now. I’ve reverted back to the default theme until I can look at the design in IE windows. Thanks for the feed back.

    Is it just me? I don’t see any rounded corners.

    Carl, do you have javascript turned off?

    I switched the theme back carl. Take a look at my test site to see a demo. Note all the headings and pages haven’t been styled, but if you simply want to see the effect, take a gander.

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