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  • Suddenly ALL posts on the blog are missing.

    I had not checked the blog to see if was displaying ok. Logged in admin, and, The only thing I can remember was I installed a back up backup software (UpdraftPlus) and did a backup. But during the backup, it said No post found. Proceeded anyway. Then updated wordpress to 3.8.1

    Now all posts are missing, both on blog and also in admin post area.

    Sadly, had not backup earlier, and the current backup copy (UpdraftPlus) also does not have the posts.

    What can I do ?

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    – Where did you downlod/buy this backup software (UpdraftPlus)? Have you contacted them about this issue it has created?

    – Have you tried removing that software?

    – Do you have backu of your site taken prior to installing this software?

    – WP plugins repo have many free plugins that backup your installation (including DB), why you don’t want to use one of them?

    – Have you contacted your hos to see if they prior backup and if they can restore your site to that previous point?

    Actually, I am not aware from when all the posts are missing as I only review my blog weekly.

    UpdraftPlus is a free plugin which I install thru WP. I have used it on many of my other wp blogs without issues.
    Have tried deactivated it, still no change.

    Another thing I did was also update JetPack at the same time ? Could that be the cause ?

    Sadly, do not have any earlier backups.

    Why do posts just disappear ? Any idea ? Any suggestions to rectify it ?

    I recently upgraded to 3.8.1. I have a similar problem.

    My Posts are in the dashboard but they are not in my blog any longer.

    What do I need to do to put them back in my blog?

    What do I need to do to make sure my future posts are put in my blog?



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    @geoff Jolliff: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    Hi there,

    My domain name is and my web hosting is with Laughting Squid.
    My posts don’t appear on my website anymore, see below error message.

    Can you tell me how to fix it?
    Thanks kindly in advance

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