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  • A few ideas that popped into my head when reading over the issue –

    1. Is it something to do with viewing the site via ? I know my hosting can go a bit odd when I try and do that!

    2. Are the URL rewrites turned on?

    3. What theme are you using, or is it a custom theme that you’ve created?

    Sam Thompson

    Hey Sam – Thanks for the response!

    I haven’t run into issues with the hosting path before, but that could be throwing it off a bit maybe?

    The URL rewrites are on and I’ve got the .htaccess updated as well to reflect that.

    It’s a custom theme, but I started with the “Starkers – Naked Theme” like I do with most of my sites.

    Thanks for looking into this!!

    ah it must be something in the the_content(); function I reckon as the titles for the pages are correct, its just the content that’s wrong!

    Can you paste the single.php code? Or has it not changed in the theme?

    ooo, another idea – it’s not because of the WordPress 3.4 update is it?!


    I don’t know why I didn’t check the template for the single post pages!!! I had a query_posts(); in there somehow… must have accidentally thrown that code in from working on the homepage or something..

    You have no idea how much headache you just saved me!

    Thank YOU!!!!

    haha! No problem, you sorted it yourself, just jogged your memory!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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