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  • All my posts are displaying as “news” , regardless of whether I uncheck the news category. What am I doing wrong?

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  • A link please?


    Are they re-assigned to another category? Any category at all?

    When a new post is created, WordPress seems to auto check “news” category. I’ve tried unchecking that box and selecting a new category and the posts continue to display as blog news. Essentially, I only want posts to display in the “news” category when I’ve manually selected that. thanks for your help and I’m sorry if I haven’t followed protocol somehow (I’m new to this forum).

    Which is the default category for posts? The default is “checked” by WP when writing a post.
    As for now I can see only 1 post in the news category.
    Which version of WP?

    I am using WP 1.5.2 Am I correct that a post should display in the front page “news” only if that category has been selected, or if no other category has been selected?

    I am getting confused here 🙂
    If no code tricks were applied, WP should display by default ALL posts on your main page, regardless which category they are in.
    Furthermore, you cannot have any post without being assigned to a category. No posts exist outside ot categories. If you don’t check any of the categories when writing a post – WP will put that post into the default category.

    (and just a reminder: Pages created unde Write > Write Page don’t have categories)

    Ok. Forgive me for not explaining things well 🙂 It was my understanding that WordPress would only display posts on the main page if the category “news” has been selected. I understand that all posts must be assigned to a category. You’ve partially answered my question: that all posts will display, regardless of category.

    Is there a plugin I can use to override that default and have WordPress display only CERTAIN categories of posts?

    Yes, there are a few.
    see > Category visibility
    also, on this page

    I’ll check it out… thanks!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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