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    I’ve made no changes to the site, database, plugins, theme or anything over the past week or so. However, every post I’ve had scheduled for today has “Missed schedule” in the reading. Even if I reschedule them for one or two minutes in the future, the problem returns. I can, however, manually push them live by setting their time to something that has already past.

    Any idea why this would all of a sudden be an issue? I typically schedule 3-5 posts each day, and this has never happened before.

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  • This usually has to do with wp-cron not firing when it needs to or failing to complete it’s tasks. Have you looked at your error logs to see if there’s anything suspect?

    hmmm…. i shall explore! thanks, jackson!

    This is happening to me too all of a sudden.

    Here is what I tried (as documented here:

    Just to track my progress here:

    I uninstalled all plugins. Still got the “missed schedule” warning.

    I switched to Twenty Eleven Theme. Still got the “missed schedule” warning.

    I reset my plugins folder. Still got the “missed schedule” warning.

    I reinstalled WP 3.2.1. Still got the “missed schedule” warning.

    I am completely out of ideas. Anyone else have any suggestions?

    I eventually found a solution.

    My host has some extra server-side security. In my Host CPanel, I had to create a “cron job” for wp-cron.php from my WP root directory.

    However, this cron job was timing out.

    So, I also had to go increase the “timeout” length in wp-cron.php (inside /wp-includes) from 0.01 to 1.00.

    Jeremyers1, is the following in WP dashboard?
    “wp-cron.php (inside /wp-includes)
    Thank you for doing all the work in your earlier post–uninstalling then reinstalling plugins…Does that mean you lost all your data?


    No, I did not lose all my data. Plugins shouldn’t affect blog data.

    No, the wp-cron.php is not through the Dashboard. You have to use an FTP client to find and edit the file. I use FileZilla.

    I don’t know enough to appreciate what you wrote, Jeremy–for example, how could you uninstall a plugin like Headspace then reinstall it w/o losing all your Titles and Descriptions?

    Or a Calendar for instance.



    Brenda A, the settings tables for the plugins remain in your database unless you search them out to delete them manually. So when you reinstall your plugins they find the settings tables waiting for them.

    Tigtog, Thanks for explaining…I don’t work too much with the backside and can’t even begin to visualize how the data is kept in “tables.” Still it’s nice to know…knowledge builds on knowledge–starts small and grows. Thank you.


    I’m having the same Missed Schedule issue. And seems like I have to create a wp-cron.php file. Can someone tell me how to create one or where to download one?



    WordPress already has one. You just have to edit it.

    I listed the wrong file name though, which might be why you cannot find it.

    I said it was wp-cron.php in the /wp-includes/ file. It isn’t. It is “cron.php” in the /wp-includes/ file. I changed the timeout setting in that file from 0.01 to 1.00.

    Also, I created a cron job in the Host’s CPanel. This cron job “pings” the “wp-cron.php” in the WP root directory every 15 minutes.

    I do understand your solution but undoubtedly this is not a good way. To run a cron, you are running another cron. Kinda weird i guess. There must be a simple solution.
    No one schedules posts every now and then. So, your method is going to be a extra load for the server. Whatever, this is also a solution.

    I would like a better solution also, but I searched and tried every other option that I could find on the internet, and this was the only one I could get to work.

    So, until something better comes along…

    @jeremyers1 I tried your fix but it didn’t change anything, I’m still getting the missed schedule.

    I see there’re a load of plug-ins designed to fix this problem, so I’m going to give one of them a try.

    You must rely on this. Working fine for me. Hope for you also.
    Just install and forget about Missed Schedule

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