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    I just installed/setup the latest WordPress on Ubuntu 12.04LTS. When I create a new page or post, all I get when I go to View it is:

    It works!
    This is the default web page for this server.

    The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.
    Please help. Thanks in advance!

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  • And where did you install WordPress on your server?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I downloaded the wordpress package and installed the default location. I am logged in as the wordpress user and looking at the directory with WinSCP and it appears wordpress is installed at /home/ubuntu/wordpress. I just did a fresh generic install of Ubuntu and WordPress, and the same issue occurs. I get nothing other than the default page. even when i go to “view the posts”

    http 404 Not found 🙁

    same error. my site takes me directly to the inside of wordpress directroy. if i go to http://myhost/readme.html, i can see contents.


    I’m sorry but it sounds like something is seriously wrong with your server or your set up if you cannot even navigate to a basic .html file. Perhaps you should try asking on a Ubuntu forum?

    i followed directions to a tee. i am not sure that ubuntu folks will help me resolve a wordpress issue. thanks for giving me some ideas. i will figure it out.

    what is happening is that the default/home directory is wordpress. therefore navigating to /wordpress is impossible, because I’m already in it. I suppose I could put the create another wordpress directory and place the existing wordpress folder inside it. or, if i could redirect apache’s home directory….

    Have you tried to use the localhost IP address? Should be (

    i can’t – i am using ubuntu server, not a gui.

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    Did you installed WordPress via apt-get or aptitude? If so what is the package name and your Ubuntu version?

    You are saying you are accessing with WinSCP (that means you are a MS Windows user) and posting in localhost installation ? People will think you are asking how to install WordPress on my own Ubuntu PC for testing.

    By default, the WordPress folder should be in /var/www/ , var is located a level up from root in Win SCP.

    Follow any guide to setup a LAMP Server. That default “It Works” page (index.html) is generated by Apache2. That means Apache2 is running, it is quite nice!
    If you create a html webpage on /var/www/ like me.html , that will work fine.
    Read the Command Lind Guide here to install WordPress properly from “The actual command steps to install WordPress” step.
    Please note that, I have shown the example with CentOS. The commands will be different for Ubuntu (apt-get install software-name). You can watch a short video here for Ubuntu :

    Plus you have to change the virtual host. It has been a private WordPress installation. That is good, no one can hack (pun intended). Hire someone to install properly and setup firewall if you can not do yourself or ask your webhosting company.

    There is another way you can try, you can install a nice Free Software, that is a web control panel named OpenPanel. Search in the above linked website. But you will need a clean Ubuntu installation.

    Abhishek, I use a Windows client. the server is Ubuntu, and I installed the SSH, Apache, and MySQL features. The blog is for our internal use only, so I am not concerned about the firewall at this point. Thank you for your time.

    Jan, I used apt-get. I installed the latest Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and the very latest wordpress. Thanks.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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