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  • Hi all my posts i make in wordpress have gone from having a transparent background to solid black which really does not sit well it over laps my side bars which have also turned black here is a link to the site and you can see what is happening … how can i change this ? many thanks

    p.s i am running mac pro with osx lion 🙂

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  • You may remove the link to a phishing site from your site. The link can be found here at line 212. Possibly, this malware/phishing site is causing the problem.

    Hi thanks for you reply i am a newby at this how do i remove the 212 line and where can i find it in wordpress thank you

    It is not easy to say where exactly the link can be found, though it is shown at line 212 of your first page. It can be in any of the files of your theme, plugins, or even injected in your database. If you make a Google search of the URL found at line 212 as above you can find 4 search results where it appears. Possibly, if you look at those posts, you can find them in the HTML of your posts too.

    k thankyou very much just one last question do i look for it in edit themes ? or is there another way for me to check the code ?

    Ahhh thank you so much i have removed my posts…. simply deleted them and all is back as it was 🙂 thankyou again for your help and advice all the best

    ok so i deleted the old posts and all looked great i posted a new post and all the same thing happened again all black background so i need to edit the code i think and delete some lines 🙁 can you please guide me to where i can see the code thanks

    1. You may download the theme from your site and look through the theme files (you can use the FIND function/ ctrl+F).
    2. You may backup and download your database and search in them.
    3. Similarly, you can search in all your plugins.

    These are some of the possible places to look for. You may also seek the help of your hosting company for solving the problem and also to prevent future infections. If you have any plugins or codes inserted for Twitter, most probably you may find the links there.

    Activate one of the default themes like twenty twelve . If the site works fine then its definitely an error in the current theme.

    ahh yea i have a twitter feed maybe that is the problem ok thanks for your help i will try and solve it lol

    k gtantra will try that thanks

    hmm i changed the theme but now i cant post at all

    k i activated a new theme i have side menus on the right side k when i post on the new theme it completly covers the menus infact it takes over pretty much the whole page any ideas ?

    I think you are trying to use the same theme. Try these steps:
    1. Deactivate all plugins
    2. Switch over to Twenty Eleven theme and see if it makes any difference.

    As a precaution, better do not use any of the old themes or plugins. Once you solve the problem, you can download a fresh copy of your theme, and install new versions of your plugins. The problem you had is similar to malware infection/ hacking. So, use of any of the old themes/ plugins can invite the problem again.

    I made a backup of my WordPress when I set it up a few weeks ago would it be worth reinstalling that ? if yes hiw do I upload it to WordPress ? would that be done via cpanel ? cheers or shall I just forget it it’s just I had a custom theme made for me and I don’t want to lose it ?

    Anything, your theme, plugins, database, etc. of a date/ time prior to your having the current problem can be reinstalled/ restored. If you are having proper backups, you can completely delete WordPress and other files, reinstall a fresh WordPres copy, and restore the rest of the things once you get a trouble-free WordPress installation.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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