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    Hello there,

    It seems that every image I’m using inside of the collapsable element causes hundreds of 404 errors whenever I upload a new page or post using said element. Which in turn essentially causes me to DDOS myself, maxing out my host’s soft limit of data upload.

    Anything I can do about this?

    Picture of said errors:

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author twinpictures


    How exactly are you ‘using an image inside of a collapsible element’?
    Can you explain your process a bit more?
    it seems from the screenshot you included, the url to the image is very much not correct. Does this happen outside of a collapse element?
    Are the image urls provided absolute or relative urls?
    Much, much more info is needed to try and assist you on this issue, but from the looks of it, it’s not related at all to this plugin, but rather the method the images are being included.

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    Element in question:

    Example URL:

    The pictures all all added through text modules, which is something I’ve used previously outside of these collapsable elements without issue. The issue has never occured outside of the element containers added by the plugin.

    I’m super green to this, so if you could specify what additional information is useful or needed then I’ll try to provide it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author twinpictures


    Well, clearly the link you sent is showing the images correctly. One thing is strange, the link to the images are not exactly the same as your domain. For example:

    But this could just be because you are hosting on

    Next thing, the 404 errors are coming from the page edit in your dashboard backend The urls there are a) using the domain however b) are not correctly formatted, prepending a wp-admin/" to the image url. This is most certainly not coming from our plugin.

    Do you have a staging or development server you can troubleshoot on? Best would be to deactivate all plugins and see if the issue continues. then reactivate them one by one until you can recreate the problem, and then you will now which plugin is causing the issue. if it’s not a plugin, then you will need to temporarily change to WP standard theme to see if the problem is theme related.

    If you find out any new information, ping us back and we’ll tried to provider further assistance. However, to be clear: this is not related to our plugin.

    Best of luck!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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