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  • Hi there,
    I was wondering if anyone could help me debug a rather unusual error in a recent wordpress install. Basically, all the permalinks are correct, and show up in the browser address bar and when you hover over the links, but whenever you click on a link, only the latest post in that category ever shows up! I can edit all the articles fine in the backend, just on the frontend its broken.

    Thanks for any help!

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  • Hi

    Something is limiting only one post per page to display.

    If its your main blog page, check in Admin Settings / reading and make sure Blog posts show at most XX posts is not set to 1.

    If that is not the problem, check the coding on your template files. Start with category.php. Make sure if there is a query_posts or other directive setting up query parameters that showposts is not set to “1”. Some query directives use different syntax than showposts, but it should be evident if something is limiting the #. If not category.php, check other template files like index.php, archive.php, page.php

    Those are places I would check first.

    Thanks for the reply, I checked the settings and its set to 10. The thing is, all the posts show fine when you click a category, its only when you view a single post (by clicking on a headline), that the wrong article comes up. Instead of the correct article showing, it always loads the latest article in the same category. Eg the address bar would should the permalink to the correct post, but only the latest one in that cat ever shows below. We just moved servers so maybe that could have something to do with it – the original server config was:

    Operating system Linux
    Kernel version 2.6.9-78.0.13.ELsmp
    Apache version 1.3.41 (Unix)
    PHP version 4.4.8
    MySQL version 4.1.22-standard

    And the current one is this:

    Operating system Linux
    Kernel version 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5.centos.plusxen
    Apache version 2.2.11 (Unix)
    PHP version 5.2.8
    MySQL version 5.0.67-community

    The site is installed in a folder on the hosting account, and the previous website is still live – is it possible the root htaccess file is interfering with the one in the wordpress folder?

    Hi I have a simmilar problem. In my case is that clicking in any categorie it does not show any post, only recent ones.

    Looks like a bug and/or there is come WP config parameter that limits the post age, archive them and “erase” from category.

    I am using version 2.7 and 2.7.1


    I think I figured it out – I was using a theme that normally had two right sidebars, and I restructured it to have the content in the middle, with a left and right sidebar. Still not exactly sure why it happened but it was something to do with using multiple loops on the page, as soon as I moved the loop (related posts) back to the right sidebar, it worked again

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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