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    We have shop page for a long time already, everything was normal, never experienced problems with Woo, and few days ago I noticed that all our orders have same IP address when you’re checking it.
    Before, when I check the order I have simple information page with all the information I need. Everything is still there, except that all orders switched to same IP address.
    Is it possible it’s a Woo bug, or a plugin bug?
    We did update our Woo and made minor changes to Website Caching, also WP Optimize was up on stagged website. Was that the cause? Is there any way to fix it? We still have backup of DB on local, but I don’t know how to export IPs back.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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  • Unfortunately the above solution did not work as I still receive Hostgators IP address instead of the customers.

    I am having similar issues and behavior, but with different plugins. I also use hostgator and have noticed the change sometime early this month.

    Did you ever hear back from Hostgator regarding this?

    I was going to go ahead and add the code mentioned to my config file, until I read about being able to spoof ip’s using some headers – other than REMOTE_ADDR.

    I have not heard back from Hostgator yet, if I do not get a reply in the next day or so I will contact them again.

    Problem still persist, we didn’t find a solution and still nothing here in the post. Looking forward for solution.

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have Woocommerce( newest update) running on a different host with all the same plugins and it works fine, so it must be Hostgator.

    Hey, I’m not on Hostgator. We’re on Namecheap, problem is still here.

    Well that changes things since the one that is working is on Namecheap, so maybe it is a Woocommerce issue.

    I started having the same issue about 2 weeks ago, and I was on my website When it happened. I had updated a few plugins right before the latest woocommerce update was available, so it doesn’t seem like a Woo issue. I don’t recall which ones they were exactly, but I’ve been using each of them for at least 6 months without an issue. When I clicked on one of the product pages, the display became what looked like some type of text/coding. I thought that the site had crashed due to a bad plugin update, but it returned to normal 5-10 minutes later. Ever since then all of the orders return a Texas IP address of This is a severe problem, since any automated anti-fraud plugin can no longer be used. All transactions get flagged as fraud due to the bad IP.

    That appears to be a Hostgator IP and at least 3 others including myself use Hostgator, @nazzgull is using Namecheap and is having the same issue, I have another site using Woocommerce on Namecheap with no issues, so this is really hard to pin down the problem. You are 100% correct that this being a severe problem for fraud protection both using an anti-fraud plugin or not. I have to use Wordfence to capture the correct IP address for a sale and screen print it just to have the documentation on file and that is starting to become a big pain in the you know what.

    As I mentioned in a previous post- I didn’t do any plugin updates and it started about 2/21/19 when Hostgator upgraded from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4.

    This is a small bite from what they sent me-
    The rest is on the other thread-

    “The fact that the correct IP address is being returned by PHP, indicated that the issue at hand is not directly related to the server environment, but rather the way in which WooCommerce is obtaining the customer’s IP, when an order is placed.”

    I use security plugins that really depend on the customer IP as well and like you said it’s a real pain.

    I really hope we can get a plugin support tech to chime in on this again.

    Plugin Support John Coy


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hostgator is wrong is assuming we’re the people to contact, however, typically issues like this are caused by a theme or plugin conflict or a spotty host.

    Try switching back to a default theme like Twenty Nineteen and disabling all plugins except for WooCommerce to see if this resolves the issue. If not, contact your host to take a closer look or get a new host.


    Anyone who is still having issues should look into the Theme that their website uses. Mine currently uses a theme that is customized, and when it was reverted back to a default and tested, the IP address issue was resolved. None of the plugins I use have any effect on this specific issue.

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