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  • Resolved Emma


    When using schedules the All option is only available for daily schedules and not for weekly, 4-weekly, monthly etc. they only show Business Rep.

    The schedule that shows in say weekly for example only shows service 1.

    I have 6 services – service 1,3,5 are available Monday-Thursday and services 2,4 an 6 available Friday-Sunday.

    services 2,4 and 6 never show on the weekly, 4-weekly or monthly schedules.

    If I add Fri-Sunday working hours to service 1 then all the services show ok.

    Basically the All option is missing from schedules other than daily. Can you help?

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  • Plugin Author Hakan Ozevin



    The main idea of Schedules is to show availability of a provider in calendar form. While doing that they also show bookings if that is the reason of unavailability.

    Schedules, except Daily, use the same principle as front end calendars and more than one service cannot be set for a calendar at any instance. That is why what you are asking is not possible.

    Having said so, you can use more than one calendar each set to a different service and display them on the front end. I am not sure if this is practical for six services, but for two services you could add these shortcodes on a private page to show availability for the next four weeks:

    [app_book type="weekly" service=1 range="4weeks" _just_calendar=1][app_book type="weekly" service=2 range="4weeks" _just_calendar=1]

    service: ID of the service that calendar will show availability for
    range: Display range of the calendar sets. In the example 4 weeks, therefore 4 weekly calendars
    _just_calendar: Skip pagination and confirmation form and just show availability




    Thanks for your quick response. The fix you offered is fine thank you even with 6 services. In fact if remove the _just_calendar from service 6 the whole page becomes very usable for bookings which is perfect for our needs!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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