[resolved] All of my social bookmarking plugins are showing up at the top of my page (2 posts)

  1. sschultz
    Posted 4 years ago #

    My blog is located at http://www.thereandbackagainblog.com

    No matter what social bookmarking plugin I use, it shows up at the top of my page (this is a recent development...it never used to do that). I have tried it with multiple social bookmarking plugins as well as WP Greet Box, which also now shows up in the same place.

    I want it to show up at the bottom of the posts only. Adjusting the individual settings for these plugins seems to make no difference, as it still shops up at the top.

    Does anyone have any ideas about what is going wrong, or how I can fix it?

    PS-I already tried deactivating all of my other plugins to see if there was anything interfering, and it didn't make any difference.

    Thanks for any help or advice you can give.


  2. sschultz
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Never mind. Just after I posted this I figured it out. Go figure.

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