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  • I think it looks fantastic! In fact, there are a couple of things on your theme you are doing that I’ve been trying to work out how to do. May I email you to ask you a few questions, if you have time to answer them?

    Sure! Always happy to help!

    1) what’s the point of using that precious space in the right column at the very bottom of it for the recent articles which you already showed in the main (left) column?

    2) Your comments in the right column seems to be in an extra list (cause they are all moved a bit to the right related to the other things in the right column).

    3) You should probably take a look at your code or at least remove “Valid XHTML” :p

    I wont post on the design as we’re all different and frankly said your design is not one of my favorites 😉

    In repsonse to that last post, we only have two words for you:

    Grr. Argh.

    So does anyone else hate my design as much as MaxT? Be specific; the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    you have a tonne of very basic errors that can be easily resolved. There are as many errors in HTML validation as there are XHTML errors, so it’s probably a good idea to actually fix those errors – the fact it won’t even pass as a valid HTML document should at least be resolved as a minimum – you’re using old html tags and “modern” xhtml tags in the same pages.

    I like the title, althoug I don’t think the rest of the banner matches up to it. There’s something lacking but I can’t put my finger on it

    I like it – a perfect theme for your content. Well done.

    @ TheCrystalLich : I don’t hate your design. The design itself is just not something I would “wow” about, but as said, there are many different people and we all got different styles. Some dig your design (as CaptainKitty), some not. That’s pretty normal.

    I’ve just pointed you to some of the logical “problems” in your layout (not design) as why have recent posts in the right column if you already show these recent posts in the main left column…

    Btw, when I wrote “1) what’s the point of using that precious space in the right column at the very bottom” I ment “1) what’s the point of using that precious space in the right column at the very top”. Was in hurry 🙂

    Jinsan: where can I look to find the correct syntax/coding to correct those errors? I’m an old, old school programmer (“Code is Speghetti”) where if it works, great! Fix this and fix that won’t do it; any good tutorial sites that can tell me WHY the old tags have been changed so I’ll stop using them? I don’t wanna start “fixing” things and everything stops working.

    MaxT: I took your “suggestions” to heart (in the form of a quick kick in the backside). I’m happy to report that after spending all day pouring over the speghetti coding, is now Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

    That sounds just nice, congratulations! 😀
    You just got to fix the last thing that causes all these warnings (even tho’ the page does validate). It should be easy 🙂

    You have line 102: < h2 id=”post-434″ >< a href=”″ rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to < i >Legend of Zorro< /i > Teaser” >< i >Legend of Zorro< /i > Teaser< /a >< /h2 >

    And should be: < h2 id=”post-434″ >< a href=”″ rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to Legend of Zorro Teaser” >< i >Legend of Zorro< /i > Teaser< /a >< /h2 >

    Basically, you’re making the text “Legend of Zorro” in italic in the title of anchor (< a > tag), but it just can’t be italic there as it’s the text that you see when you hover your mouse over the title headline. I think you played with your template and maybe by mistake put <i> </i> in the wrong location. Just remove it from there and all will be top notch 😉

    Good luck!

    MaxT: 7 years ago when I started critiquing film, I was chastised for listing film titles “In Quotes” instead of italisizing them; for my industry, it’s the correct syntax. It’s true that the validator warns for designating those tags in the title (but not the body; why shouldn’t that matter?) but it does look correct even if it technically isn’t (it occurs as data). Is there a way to create an italics tag for part of a title without using something tagged as a delimiter?

    Seems you have to reread my previous reply 😛

    Let’s take it from the start:
    1) you’re making a header 2 (< h2 >)
    2) you’re making a link ( < a > )
    3) that link have a title which is visually not seen on your website *until* you hover your mouse over that link, then you’ll get that popup box.
    4) you write the title itself where part of the title is italized (by surrounding it with < i > and < /i > tags). The italized part is visually seen on your website by any user.
    5) you close your link ( < /a > )
    6) you close your header ( < /h2 > )

    Now, what you’ve done on most of your posts is italizing both the title for the link *and* italizing the title (or part of it) itself.

    Look here and you’ll understand what I mean:

    See that white popup box? It’s the box you see when you hover mouse over one of the post titles. Now, can you see those < i > and < /i > tags around “King Conan”? That’s where you have italized the title for the link itself and since these popup boxes can show only clear text, you shouldn’t use any html tags in it.

    Now, before you reply, read my previous reply again and try to see the difference between the 1st code and the 2nd one.

    Spoiler: The difference is that there are no < i > and < /i > for the title of the link.

    Regards, MaxT

    MaxT: Seems you’ll have to reread my previous reply to your reply, or I’ll just have to explain it better 😛

    This is the actual, unparsed source code for the offending line:

    <h2 id=”post-<?php the_ID(); ?>”>” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to <?php the_title(); ?>”><?php the_title(); ?></h2>

    As you can see, I can’t make the changes you mention because WordPress is actually generating the code you’re basing your solution from; otherwise, you’d be right. “< i >Legend of Zorro< /i > Teaser” is the data itself in the “the_title” field, which is why the XHTML validator keeps mentioning that this is data, not source code. The only way to omit the <i> </i> tags is not to include them in the title, which I would very much prefer to include but don’t think WordPress was ever designed for.

    My question is thus: how can I rewrite this line of code to allow “the_title” to include italics tags without showing them in the bookmark mouseover?

    Right… I haven’t thought of that issue, I just talked about the raw html code, my mistake. And I’m not really sure how it’s possible to filter the html tags in the title of the link, you’ll have to write the function that fetches output from function the_title, refilter it from any html tags and name the function something like the_filtered_title, then it could be used for the title of the link…

    For now you can just remove the
    title=”Permanent Link to <?php the_title(); ?>”
    part from your link. It wont break anything (can’t really remember if XHTML 1.0 Transitional requires you to use title with each link… I’m 95% sure it doesn’t.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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