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    This is very very weird. One of my blogs… … seems to be working fine except for the fact that any attempt to get onto any of the wp-admin pages to post, manage posts, plug-ins, etc., pulls up a completely blank page.

    I tried on my wife’s computer – went to – logged in fine and got… a blank page.

    I actually posted something yesterday – no problem on wp-admin/post.php at all. But this morning …. blank

    For the record WP 1.5.1 … my other two blogs are both running WP 2.0 and haven’t had any problems with either.

    I’d actually like to update tonite but… I can’t get on the plug in page because it comes up … blank!!!!


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  • Is this running on the same server as the others? Have you tried uploading a clean wp-admin folder? If you’re just wanting to deactivate the plugins before an upgrade, maybe the easiest thing to do at this point is simply use your ftp client or host filemanager to navigate to wp-content/plugins, copy any you want to keep to a local folder, then delete them from the online install folder.

    vkaryl – I’ll try a clean wp-admin folder.

    The deactivating plug-in before an upgrade is what has me all worried here – if I just copy them locally and delete what’s on the server .. will I be OK?

    Update tried a new / clean wp-admin folder from a back up I did a few weeks ago – no luck.

    You should be. In general, deleting any plugin effectively deactivates it. BACK UP YOUR DATABASE. Repeat: BACK UP YOUR DATABASE. A backup is your ONLY HEDGE against disaster!

    Um. Did I remember to say backup your database?….

    are you saying I should backup my database? 😉

    actually that was the first thing I did.. I do it every month. I’m funny that way.

    OK… I’m going to do an emergency upgrade in the morning … hoping somehow this all solves itself overnight.



    You’re welcome! Best of luck with it. Further troubles, post back. Need an older version?

    Interesting… when I renamed the ‘plugins’ folder.. ‘pluginsold’… the problem went away.

    When I renamed it back, the problem came back.


    Ewww…. gremlins! Gotta love ’em….

    Keep us posted!

    Hiya. My pages aren’t empty per se, but when I enter my Dashboard, the horizontal bar of buttons (Write, Upload, Options, etc.) is no longer present. All that I see is my blog name, and underneat that: “Logout ()”. Anyone know why this is? I can access all the other pages internally by going directly to them (e.g. links and plugins, etc.), but that super-convenient horizontal toolbar no longer seems to exist!

    If you didn’t tweak the admin css, or anything else in the admin section, then try reuploading the wp-admin/index.php file – make sure you upload as ASCII.

    Good news… I did the upgrade to 2.0 with out a hitch and now I’m all good to go.

    Still curious about what went wrong with my wp-admin pages, but happy to be whole!

    thanks vkaryl for helping out.


    Glad to hear it! Thanks for posting back to let us know…. want to change the dropdown to “resolved”?


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