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  • Maybe I’m just not coming up with the right search terms for this issue, ’cause I can’t believe I’m the only one dealing with it. Apologies for redundancy, forthwith.

    I’ve inherited management of a site from someone else, and I haven’t logged in for most of this year. I updated to 3.5 last December and had no problems with it in the months following. *Note that I am probably lower than a newbie with this, as all my forum/support research keeps turning up jargon and procedures with which I am absolutely baffled!

    When I logged in yesterday, the dashboard was all wonky and different– most notably, all my usual boxes and sidebar tools were either gone or absent of their familiar entries: no more widgets, settings, pages, etc. (For example, under Tools, all I get is an invite to install Press This– nothing else.) I have no links to the theme or any way to affect it, nor anything at all about plugins.

    Most disturbingly, I cannot now edit or alter most of my posts. Where the posts/pages list normally shows all posts in blue, with “edit/quick edit/trash/view” links beneath, now, 19 out of 22 posts appear in black and not clickable, and the ONLY link that appears is “view.” I have a Sticky page that I need to un-Sticky and put up a new one, and I cannot!

    This is very bizarre and quite unexpected, since I haven’t touched the site since its last successful use earlier this year. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Could there be a problem on the server side? I’m not controlling the hosting – that’s on some server belonging to the previous owner.


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  • Please provide a site link. Without, we cannot even begin…

    That said, it sounds like you are not an Admin or at least an Editor anymore.

    Have you consulted with previous person? (Sorry, I’m learning what I need to provide.)

    I am the admin – that is, I have control of the site and am the editor (I make posts and have altered older ones). Or… am I? How do I know that? As I say, I didn’t do anything different from the last use.

    Oh… no, I emailed the person but haven’t heard back.

    Check: Login>Dashboard>Users>Your Profile>Role

    What is it?

    Are there other users? Admins?

    Also your site looks ‘improper’:

    and this is the host:

    And the domain provider is //, LLC

    Well… my dashboard now no longer seems to have that User info option. Here’s what it looks like now:

    Here’s what my posts pages look like:
    As I said, black titles, no links.

    The name of the prev owner is correct, so where does that leave me? That is, what do I need to have or do?

    It looks like you are not an admin. Do you have web host access? You will need to know how to login with webhost to use their provided file management tool and then perform a manual update, rename the plugins folder, rename the theme, etc…

    Do you have the host login credentials?

    I had been trying to move the site over to a new hosting service (BlueHost), to which I do have full admin status. But, I recall being told by support that I didn’t have some particular folder or files, so the site never got fully transferred over; it’s still being hosted elsewhere (, as you found out). The original guy has not been helpful in completing the process (he had given me wp-content stuff, but apparently there’s more).

    In the meantime, I have been “admin” of the site on its original host – just sort of handed the password and reins. Until now, I’ve had access to everything, as far as I could tell. I’ve only ever seen one login– never saw anything that referenced an Admin login.

    I remember that it all sounded so complicated, and I had watched several videos on how to migrate a WP site over, and I could never find the information they referenced. So, It’s basically remained where it is.

    You will need to work with host to resolve these matters.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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