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    I’m not exactly sure when this started, but all of a sudden, all my links to anchors in the same page briefly go where they’re supposed to, but then go to the homepage. I’ve change the plugin folder name, to deactivate all plugins. No change. Changed permalinks. No change.

    site: the faq page has lots of links to other places in the page. They all end up at the home page. Truly annoying. I’ve seen some references to similar issues, but none of the answers I’ve seen help……

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  • check your .htacces file upadate I hope it will work.

    Wow. I think I found it….

    What I had to do was to pre-pend the page to the link, like this:
    not working:

    Now to change the dozens of links to in-page anchors. Perhaps this was a byproduct of the recent update?

    Hm. Not quite that simple.

    I ended up pre-pending the complete url, like this:

    Oh, I see that they didn’t show above.

    not working <a href="#Creativity-Tenacity">CREATIVITY</a>

    Santosh, thanks. My .htaccess file has not changed for a year. Everything was fine, then everything was not fine. I think this is something in the wordpress update… At least I found a workaround….

    have got solution for this problem or not.
    Is this problem is for internal links or for all links (external).

    Santosh, my workaround did indeed work for me. Please check my “not quite that simple” post, therein you will find my solution.

    ok now i got why your links were not working.
    CREATIVITY this is not way for creating anchor links. new one is correct one.

    Actually, I just found it’s much worse. Doing almost anything in the blogs area also makes it go to the home page. I think I may have to revert to the previous install. My search goes to home page if you type in it. The archives go to the home page if you pull it down. If you click in any of the blogs, it goes to the home page. This really is frustrating….

    which wordpress version you are using i suggest you can use plugin for creating anchor text its name is “term” very simple to use it

    I currently have 3.4.2. on. I’m not really looking for a new way to create anchor text, I’m looking for a way to fix my site’s going to the home page for things that should not trigger the home page.

    I only started having this problem in the last few days, perhaps since I upgraded.

    I am going to reinstall, and if that doesn’t fix it, drop back a version or two.

    Ok, last update. My wife found it. I’d customized the theme to have a “clickable” header. I did that wrong, and the whole page was a clickable link to my home page. Undone, problem gone.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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