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  • Norm, the second URL is correct and I am wondering why it’s appending “?getfile”. When you are uploading images from your computer to insert into a post, what steps are you taking? What are you clicking? It should be “Insert File URL” if I’m not mistaken.

    What theme are you using? I am thinking maybe it’s a theme that’s using the Tim Thumb image script or is in some other way attempting to manipulate your post images.


    I’m using the wp-genius theme.

    When I upload a file, it automatically populates the URL section.

    I’m beginning to believe it has something to do with either the ‘get the image’ plugin and/or the theme.

    When I go to ‘featured image’ which is part of the theme I can see all the images i’ve uploaded, but when I do it from the upload image icon, and hit gallery, they’re all broken.

    Disable the “get the image” plugin and then try a test post with another image (or one that already exists in your media gallery). If it works fine, then there is something wrong with the “get the image” plugin or maybe it’s just not set up correctly.

    Thanks for the help on this.

    I’ve disabled the plugin, and then added an image to a post. The new image worked.

    But here’s the problem. From poking around it looks like at one time any images I uploaded had the file location as ….?getfile=1234. Now they are all as a real file location.

    To me it appears that some new plugin, or perhaps one I deleted was filling in this code at one time, I’m sure of this since I was copying the file location into two custom fields, home_feature_photo and post_thumbnail. The values in these two fields are still using the ?getfile=1234 code, which is why all the images on my front page are broken.

    I’ve poked through the sql tables (I’m a DBA) and didn’t see one that would show what each getfile value was equal to. Specifically I was looking for a ‘?getfile=1234 is equal to (URL), if I could find this I could replace the offending code with the actual file location.

    Anyway, I’ve started the manual process of going to each post and fixing it. It’ll take months but I’ll eventually finish 🙁

    Download the SQL dump and do a search and replace in a text editor such as Notepad or my favorite, Edit Plus. That’s a lot faster. 🙂 (Ask me how I know this!!) 😀

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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