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  • Hi guys! I’m having an issue where we just recently moved our site from one server to another. I wasn’t told this was happening so I didn’t have a chance to get involved during the transition. Now, as their webmaster, I’m stuck with a whole site with thousands of broken images.

    No matter what I do to change references to the uploaded media directories, I get 3 different parent directories automatically inserted into my object path that I can’t kill. I’m trying to get the following image to show…

    BUT, instead the following junk gets smashed in-between me and the image I’m trying to reference:

    This is a really big deal for me to get this resolved and fast. Does anyone have any guidance on this issue?

    Oh, and another thing…which is equally lame.

    Right now, I don’t have access to the actual FTP server or any opportunities to change any php files, which I’m afraid is where edits of this variety live. Correct me if I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong 🙂

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  • Chris Olbekson


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    Go to Settings -> Media and make sure both the Store uploads in this folder and Full URL path to files entries are blank and Save Changes.

    Another thing is that your using a theme from Elegant Themes which doesn’t use the normal WordPress media API and unfortunately commercial themes are not supported here so you might want to also check with them.

    Hi there,

    I think you need to check the Theme file to see how you get the featured image path. In wp-admin->apperance->editor, you can check/edit the theme php files without FTP information.

    As far as I know, Most of Elegant Themes using their own php codes to get featured images in slider. So you need to check if these codes can get the proper image http URL not the Absolute file path.

    Thanks for the reply! No dice yet though…

    @ Chris – I’ve tried just about every variation possible in the “store uploads” and the “full url” fields, including “../” to try to drop back a level. The problem is that there are 3 parent/child directories the code is trying to insert that PRECEDE “/wp-content/”.

    Surely there must be a parameter or template value that someone has plugged these extra directories into when it was on the older server that doesn’t apply now. I just need to know where to go to slice “home/daytona7/public_html” out of the middle of the image linking.

    Any other ideas?

    codingpet, i think you’re right. I’m just going to have to press to get access to the PHP files that elegant is using for the featured images and I’m pretty sure that’ll clear things right up. Thanks!

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