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    Is something going on or did I just get hacked? All of my entries (over 100) just switched to ‘uncategorized’ overnight and I have no idea why. I luckily have a backup from just a few days ago, but was wondering first if there is any good reason why this would happen?

    Any insight would be appreciated.

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  • ok, this is really weird but it somehow just reverted back to normal by itself. I swear in the WP console all my posts had uncategorized in the categories column, and now they magically appeared back. I didn’t even do anything. I guess chalk this up as a web host issue?

    Mine just did the same thing. Even my categories list is blank, yet when I try to recreate one of my old categories, WP says it already exists. What’s going on?

    Mine is doing this now! Everything has gone to uncategorised!! When i try click in the tag cloud too it links to nothing!!

    Any updates to this issue? I’m experiencing the same thing.

    Has anyone determined why this is happening and how to fix it?

    I was able to fix my issue. I’m not sure if it is related. My test server is running on Windows using IIS. After logging in to the server I notice that my C Drive had run out of space. I added extra hard drive and changed the location of the wwwroot folder to D drive and made the log files to use D instead of C. After that everything went back to normal and all of the categories reappeared.

    My site was working fine one minute then I made a post – a standard post for my blog with several categories and tags – and then all the posts were suddenly listed as Uncategorised.

    Weirdly, they show as Uncategorised and the customised theme I’m using fails to display posts in given categories in the right places, but on the Categories tab itself it does seem to know how many posts should be in each category – so it’s obviously able to count them somehow!

    Any help greatly appreciated. I’ve tried resetting permalinks as suggested but I can’t see how this would help and there’s no explanation – and it hasn’t worked.

    It doesn’t appear to be a disk space issue for me either. The site is only using half of its 5GB allowance.



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    Unless you are still using WordPress 3.0.1, please post a new topic.

    Okay it just got even weirder. I updated my WP version to 3.1.1 hoping that might reset Categories tables or something. The Categories panel in the WP back-end now shows no items in the list at all (before it was listing the Categories and told me how many posts each category had). However, despite showing no Categories, it does say there are “24 items” in the list (it’s showing none!) and has pagination for two pages – neither of which actually lists any items.

    I’m hoping the fact that some part of the system still recognises that there should be a couple dozen categories means all the data is still there and something else is broken…

    I’ve run a check on the MySQL database and get the following towards the end of the output:

    Size of datafile is: 3190784 Should be: 3190952 error : Corrupt

    That doesn’t sound very good



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    Try repairing your database.

    Hi Esmi. I have now upgraded but was using 3.0.1 before I think. And this issue is obviously cutting across versions.

    I’ve tried repairing and the corrupt table was related to a plugin. This is now supposedly fixed but it hasn’t fixed the Categories problem. All posts still report as Uncategorised for most purposes – but the empty Categories panel still mysteriously reports “24 items” (Categories) despite not being able to show them to me!



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    Do you have a recent database backup from before the problem started? Can you access your posts at all. Or create new categories?

    Hi esmi

    For other’s reference – yes I could still access posts and view them on the live website – they just had Uncategorised status.

    I did have a backup of the database haven’t had to go that far.

    In phpMyAdmin I tried to view the structure of the Categories table. I got an error message as follows:
    #1 – Can’t create/write to file ‘/tmp/#sql_706_0.MYD’ (Errcode: 17)

    Googling around this implied that the server was having a problem creating or writing to temporary database files, indicating that perhaps (even though the account itself had plenty of disk space) the server or MySQL installation was running low on system space.

    I contacted my hosts and reported the error that phpMyAdmin was giving me. 15 minutes later it seems to have cleared up; they had restarted the SQL service on the server (it’s a shared server so this wasn’t something I could do directly). My website is now showing Categories again on posts and the theme is showing selected Categories in the right place and Category pages are listing the relevant posts.

    If you have the same problem I had them if you browse into the …data_category table in phpMyAdmin, then click the “Structure” tab, this returned an error message. After restarting the SQL service it had cleared and now lists the fields as you would expect. The WP behaviour is back to normal and no actual data about the posts’ categories appears to have been lost.



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    Glad to hear that you’re back up and running again.

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