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    I had quite a few things coded in the custom CSS section. I updated the theme and all the custom CSS is gone!!!! You said that putting the CSS there kept it from disappearing with updates. I’m very VERY displeased and frustrated!!! This has never happened before.

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  • If you didn’t have any backups of either the files or the database, it is likely gone. You can call your hosting provider, and sometimes they will have 1 backup of your folder, (all smart ones do anyways) to get “themselves” out of a jam if something happens to the server. If you ask right, you can get them to restore a backup copy of your site. Just don’t buy into it when they tell you they don’t have one. “I” backup clients’ stuff when I work on a machine. So I know for a fact, bigger companies do also.

    If you do have any backup files, tell us what you have, and we’ll tell you how to get it out of there.

    If none of that is helpful, tell us what you had and we’ll help you start rebuilding it.

    Chalk it up to important lesson learned: BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP!!!

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    Theme Custom css option remove in new update.
    Now theme use custom css WordPress default option “Additional CSS”, this option available in Customize Check this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/ftqjz4

    If you have write any custom css in old version of theme, it is available in Additional css option after new theme update.

    Thank you

    I’ve also tried to view the code there Romik, but the additional css field is empty.

    I lost a whole wp-admin folder the last update. Evolve updates do seem to be a little buggy for some reason, even though it’s a great theme. …you guys should learn to back up, seriously.

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    Donna, I DID back up and I CAN revert back.

    I was primarily wanting to let the authors know that this update caused some major problems, particularly the custom/additional CSS which was NEVER supposed to be removed by an update. As this seemed like a deliberate choice of the author to remove the section holding the CSS, they should know that it was a poor choice, and one that can cause many users problems.

    I’ve loved this theme (I’ve used it since the first couple of weeks it came out) but have had so many buggy updates that cause me to either revert to an older version or to re-write a bunch of code, I’m planning to switch.

    well that was an awful lot of drama in the post, at least the way I read it, for someone who had a backup. But whatever, I’m glad you did. I’ve had issues also. (but not worth all that attention, because I do have multiple backups) My last comment, was same as yours, just for anyone’s benefit…

    But in defense of the author, MANY themes I’ve had have had issues during updates. Plugins, not so much, but I ALWAYS backup before updating ANY theme. (not just Evolve) …it’s the nature of themes I guess. Certainly not a reason to switch, IMO…

    I myself think it’s because it’s got the development platform behind it, …and it’s not a clean, hand-coded from scratch theme. He got help when he designed it. (I forget the name of that other plugin that is mandatory to run with it…that’s the development platform)

    Maybe Redux Framework?

    I kind of agree with both of you on this — Evolve seems much more likely than any of my other themes to lead to layout & CSS issues on updates, sometimes quite tricky to fix.

    I don’t think it’s just the framework, I think it also has to do with the plugin author who perhaps isn’t as worried about backward compatibility as he could be.

    That being said, the Evolve theme is pretty amazing for a free theme — it comes with all sorts of features that typically are available only in premium themes. Plus this theme is well-maintained and the theme author supports it much better than most — just reviewing the support threads show how Romik is alway willing to give people advice for CSS issues or others that are not really theme related, but just a matter of basic knowledge of CSS. Obviously he spends a huge amount of time both on development and support.

    One reason that this theme might seem “buggy” on updates is simply that it is updated with new features and improvements regularly — a lot of free themes are hardly ever updated except with occasional security patches … or worse, some don’t even get those.

    In addition to backups, I ALWAYS work with child themes. I just do it as a matter of course, even if don’t plan to customize a theme much. It’s just a basic rule of thumb that protects customizations from overwrites, and makes it very easy for me to roll back an upgrade, without needing to restore from backup.

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    Donna, I’m sorry that I have somehow made you feel irritated by my disappointment and my questions and that you saw this as a lot of drama. It was never my intention. I was sincerely hoping that there would be an easy fix (as the author actually thought there would be). I always like to check support after problems with an update, and I’ve found there often is an easy fix. Because many of us are in varying stages of expertise, I always assume that others have the same problems as I come across and are unclear how to proceed.

    I appreciate your encouragement to always back up (and I do before updating anything). And I appreciate your insight into the author’s procedures.

    Sorry for you get trouble, did this issue with some wordpress sites.
    Follow below step it will solve.
    After update theme, css not comes in your Additional CSS area, please try to take update again.
    For re-update, go to Evolve Theme style.css file, change version 3.7.6 to 3.7.5 and save this file. Then after refresh your admin themes page, you will get notification for update theme, Just update theme again.

    Thank you

    yes yes. the steps that Romik says, worked for me! Thank U!

    abilgailm …agree completely. I always use them also, but it was clearly too deep for this thread of grandmas.

    And one main reason I like this theme…Romik. He ALWAYS has some solution that works. Even when it’s the client’s fault for not backing up. And always nice about it. You can’t even “buy” that. 🙂

    Hey, I’m a grandma too! (Probably why I’m so careful about backups & child themes… I’ve learned from all the mistakes I’ve made in the past)

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