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  • I’m pretty proud of this, So I think I’ll take some time to show off.

    I know there are a million sites for keeping track of books you want to read, but I wanted my own. As it is my own, most of the functionality will be disabled for you nonlogged in users – so you’ll have to take my word for it.

    -Draggable/Rearrangeable: Using custom fields, I mark new posts as defaulted to “want to read” (wtr) and they are placed in a custom db table that also keeps track of their sort order. When logged in, I can drag books around and it will ajax that book’s new position in the list to the custom db table. When a book is dragged from the wtr list to the “currently reading” list, ajax changes the value of the custom field so that the book is saved as being read. When a book is dragged from the “currently reading” list, a new list appears for finished books. This again changes the custom field’s status and the book is filed away and a second custom repeater field is populated with the year i read this book.

    -Action Links: Each book has several action links at the top (more if I’m logged in), that allow me to search amazon or wikipedia for information about this book. When logged in, I have an option to download an ebook file for that book or edit the post.

    -Responsive design: If I’m in a book store and want to quickly see what books I should be looking for, this site looks great on my mobile devices so that I can quickly see what books are next in my queue.

    -Custom taxonomies: I use custom taxonomies to keep track of authors, and series information. In the future I will use that data to be able to pull up lists of all the books in a series.

    github repo link in the footer for anyone interested in playing around with it.

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  • It is my own theme. I have it publicly available on github, which includes custom and contrib plugins that make it all work if anyone is interested in playing with my code. Link is in the footer of the site.

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