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    My multisite was fine yesterday and in between I havent done anything new or that I shouldnt have ie new installation of plugins/themes etc.. In fact I havent done anything major or minor for a 4/5 days now at least, maybe a week. And all has been fine, up until today…

    Today, all multisite users have lost access to their sites and are not listed in multisite admin as being associated to their sites. If I manually add a user to a site, I get the yellow “User added” message at the top of the page, but they are not added to the sites user list (and the users not added to the sites list either) and the user cannot log in to the site but gets the global dashboard instead like a standard user only account, and not their own site dashboard. I cannot even add the superadmin to a site’s user list (which appears to be completely blank), again I get the yellow message but nothing then showing in the lists that this has been done.

    Any help/ideas much appreciated.


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  • Check your database.

    Are they in the db as users?

    Hi Ipstenu,

    Thanks for your help (again)!

    And thanks for pointing me (again) in the right direction.

    In phpMyAdmin I saw that the wp_usermeta table had crashed and the database auto repair had also failed.

    So, after a roam around WordPress I did a “check table wp_usermeta” and then “repair table wp_usermeta” and we are back to normal.

    The error message I got from “check table” was that a host hadnt closed the connection correctly if that means anything…? (Im sure it does 😉

    Thanks again.

    Basically means your website lost the connection to the DB in the middle of stuff. Happens once in a while, like a dropped call on your cell.

    I am having the same problem and have no idea how to fix this. Running a multi site also. All of the individual users on the sub sites have disappeared. Users no longer appear in site admin dashboard. I replaced a site with a back up copy i amde using itheme backup buddy. The users reappeared in the MAIN user dashboard but not on the individual site where they belong. I am very new at all this and have no technical abilities, can you help?

    acri – Please make yourself a new topic all for yourself 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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