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  • Resolved Giulio Alfonso


    I have tried to use the plugin, but all messages are marked as spam, what can I do?

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  • Plugin Author Erik


    hello @senjoralfonso,
    can you please install flamingo and check why your e-mails are being blocked? Check under “inbound email -> spam ” and see individually each email you have received why it has been blocked, the spam score etc.

    I can roughly guess, however, why they were blocked try checking this out:
    – It is possible that you have been blacklisted, this happen after multiple failed submission, so first check under “wp sidebar > contact > antispam” at the end under “IP Blacklist” and unban your IP is is there.

    – Another possibility is that you are using the same e-mail domain as the website (e.g. sending e-mails with the address from This is a way for spammers to completely bypass some security checks (even on your e-mail client) and this plugin does not allow this! if you want to change how this filter works, you have to set the plugin options ‘Bad email strings’ and remove your domain from there.

    let me know if you have solved it and if you have not succeeded send me the result of the flamingo spam log.

    Thread Starter Giulio Alfonso


    I currently find out, that the mails are blocked as I setted up the language tool.

    I wrote

    What is the correct format for the list?

    One per line, or de;de_DE – de,de_DE?

    Plugin Author Erik


    The correct format is one per line and can add anything that match the “HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE” header (TLDR: is the language used by the user’s browser). You use both “de” or “de-DE”… ‘de’ if you need to exclude or include all those using the German language while “de_DE” selects german language and also the Germany (the country).

    I am in the process of preparing a new version of the plugin (with geoip that is more accurate as well) and will improve the documentation and description for this option, because as you point out it is not at all clear. thank you @senjoralfonso!

    Plugin Author Erik


    Just a little update about this… that comes with the new version. I realised that using language codes of multiple formats could only lead to confusion so it is now sufficient to indicate the (2 digit ISO 639-1) language or country code. Example: To add English (lang) and Austria (country) you need something like


    Additionally now you can write strings separated by commas and while saving they will be unpacked in the same way used by the plugin (i.e. one per line)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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