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    The standard WordPress admin menu is showing up while all the styling of the Ozh Admin Dropdown Menu is gone, i.e. Ozh is just a long, unformatted list of menu links.

    I’m using Ozh Admin Dropdown Menu for years now and this just happend yesterday, for no apparent reason, i.e. I can’t think of anything I did recently that could have caused this …

    I’ve checked for compatibility issues with other plugins already, though I didn’t update or add any new plugins recently. Also reset and re-installed the Ozh plugin itself.

    Any idea what could have caused the trouble and how to fix it?


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  • same happening here as well, long unformatted list of menu links.

    I’ve reset the settings, but didn’t help.

    Working same as always here. Must be a plugin conflict after an update. Either of you running a backend theme? What frontend themes are you running?

    @spherical: That’s what confuses me: I’m not using a backend theme, I did de-activate all other plugins for testing purpose and the problem is still there. My theme is a highly modified theme I’m using for a few years now and I didn’t do any changes recently …


    I’m still having this problem. I want to do a complete uninstall and reinstall.

    I uninstalled the plugin, but I couldn’t find the related entries in the database to delete them. Where does the plugin info stored in the DB?


    These indicate that the CSS isn’t loading. Is /inc/adminmenu.css.php present in this location? If it is, there may be subsequent CSS rules that are overriding.

    Might try inspecting the problem elements to see if the rules inserted by the above file are being crossed out. Also use Web Developer extension to check if the file is being loaded. It’s a little difficult to spot, as the URL is long; having a query string. You can also check page source, where the stylesheet tag will appear in the <head>.

    In another thread, the user has an .htaccess file denying access to wp-content. The php extension is not included in the Files Directive. This could be the issue here.

    Yes, I think the problem is related to the .htaccess file. After reading your message I remembered that Bullet Proof Security is creating .htaccess files. And there was one in wp-content folder with “<Files *.php>deny from all</Files>” in it.

    After I deleted this .htaccess, drop down menu partially came back. But it was weird, there was a huge wrench background picure, as you can see here. Looks like this wrench svg belongs to WordPress SEO by Yoast. So also there may be a conflict with this plugin, as mentioned in another thread.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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