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    After updating to the 6.0.12 version of your plugin all links on one of my websites ( fails to be clickable. Disabling your plugin corrects this issue, but means I am not tracking Google Analytics traffic.

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  • I switched the site back to 6.0.11 and the problem does not exist.

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    Hi there,
    After updating to 6.0.12 you will need to clear your frontend cache. Once you’ve done this if you still have issues, if you could post the URL of the site with issues, that’d help


    Yes, the cache was cleared on the server and from the browsers with no effects. The site (which is now running 6.0.11 of the plugin) is

    Plugin Author chriscct7


    Hi there,
    Can you update it back to the .12 version so we can see the issue?


    Not at present, but if I get a chance I will create a staging copy of the site where I would be more than happy to do so for testing. At the moment I need to the site functional.

    I found the same problem on another one of our sites. We have cleared the server cache and the browser cache and the problem remains. By disabling your plugin and clearing the caches again the problem goes away. I have enabled your plugin so you can test the issue on the newest version.

    The two links to PDFs files are not working at the bottom
    EC 2017 Exhibit Hall Floor Plan
    EC 2017 Registration and Terms and Conditions

    The browser (in this case Opera) shows the link, but when you click nothing happens.

    I’ve noticed this same issue on a handful of sites today after updating too. When clicking a bunch of data is logged to the dev tools js console and the link isn’t followed.

    frontend.min.js:1 true
    frontend.min.js:1 __gaTracker.loaded
    frontend.min.js:1 true
    frontend.min.js:1 Event.which: 1
    frontend.min.js:1 El:
    frontend.min.js:1 <img src=​”https:​/​/​​wp-content/​themes/​example/​library/​images/​image.svg” alt=​”Link” class=​”desktop”>​
    frontend.min.js:1 Will track: true
    frontend.min.js:3 Link:
    frontend.min.js:3 Extension:
    frontend.min.js:3 Protocol: https:
    frontend.min.js:3 External: true
    frontend.min.js:3 Current domain:
    frontend.min.js:3 Link domain:
    frontend.min.js:6 Type: external
    frontend.min.js:6 Control Key: false
    frontend.min.js:6 Shift Key: false
    frontend.min.js:6 Meta Key: false
    frontend.min.js:6 Which Key: 1
    frontend.min.js:6 Target: false

    clearing caches seems to resolve the issue. frustrating, but at least it works.

    I’m also having this issue but with outbound links, only.

    In my case, setting “Track outbound clicks and download links?” to “No” in this plugin’s settings resolves the issue.

    When the setting is set to “Using Javascript (recommended)” I see the following output in the browser debug console and the click event is consumed:

    Event.which: 1
    <span>Order Today!</span>
    Will track: true
    Link: Outbound URL
    Protocol: https:
    External: true
    Current domain:
    Link domain:
    Type: external
    Control Key: false
    Shift Key: false
    Meta Key: false
    Which Key: 1
    Target: false

    I edited the line that starts with “Link:” to avoid placing an URL to our product in this forum.

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    I found the issue on another of our sites. I haven’t turned off the setting for “Track outbound clicks and download links” so the issue is still happening. I left it like this intentionally in case you need to see it in action.

    If it helps, take a look at this page:

    The click on the link for R&L Irrigation Services, Inc. is being consumed by Javascript.

    I imagine the other links on the page work because they are internal or target=_blank.

    Thanks and great plugin! Let me know if you need any other debugging.

    thanks @ecgifford, setting “Track outbound clicks and download links?” worked for me too on a few dozen affected sites.

    Plugin Author chriscct7


    Hi there,
    We’ve identified the issue which is being caused by a boolean variable getting improperly set as a string in the outbound JS. We will have a release out within the next 30 minutes as version 6.0.13.


    Plugin Author chriscct7


    The release is out


    Except the new release does nothing to fix the problem. You guys should be testing releases before publishing them. My busy site has been down for half a day because of the issue and after updating to 6.0.13 and clearing all caches, the problem remained.

    Plugin Author chriscct7


    What is your website url?


    Here it is: Photography Life

    I figured out what’s broken. It is the “Track outbound clicks and download links” feature. The moment it is enabled, the debug mode gets turned on. Please fix ASAP, as I am sure many plugin users are utilizing this feature.

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