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    Recently I’ve experienced on multiple occasions that all links on our site, behave as feed links. That is, when I hover a link it says http://www.etc in the status bar, but clicking it I’m sent off to feed://www.etc. Also typing in a url like behaves the same way – forwarding me to feed://
    Of course this makes the site inaccessible.
    On these occasions I’ve deactivated plugins a few at the time, but even after all are deactivated, the problem persists. (I’ve also cleared the cache after each deactivation step.)
    Then, just waiting a few minutes, after another reload suddenly the links work as they should. (Its just like there’s some cache/ delay on the server – anyway it makes pinpointing the possible culprit.)
    Any similar experiences? Possible explanations?
    PS Now I’ve reduced the active plugins to a minimum. Thought I should reactivate them slowly, giving the server time…

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  • Anyone?
    Maybe the most peculiar thing is that the “feed linking” isn’t stable. It turns out that it comes and goes – without us altering anything on the site (or anything in our browsers, like add-ons)
    Possible we’ve been hacked…?

    Problem solved. Probably.
    I reinstalled WP 3.4.1 and reuploaded fresh copies of all plugins + deleted those currently not in use. (It is a good thing not to store inactive plugins or themes on your server – these were deactivated during the search for the guilty.) Now it works.
    So I still don’t know exactly what made “http://” in links being replaced with “feed://” nor what could make this problem come and go, but for now at least it seems out of the way.
    Now I’ll try to reinstall the rest of my previously active plugins one by one – though probably I’ll never find out what really happened.

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