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    Hi all

    I have recently spotted that after upgrading to the latest All in One SEO plugin version on various clients’ domains, that the SEO Doctor Browser plugin flags the webpage as not indexable.

    “The page is not indexable, because this page has as a canonical URL set to *domain*” is the error message.

    When the canonical option is turned off in All in One SEO, the error is not thrown anymore. However, this used to work before.

    May this be a bug as I practically see this issue with various themes and the problem is always there.

    Many thanks for your advise.

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  • Hi everyone

    Am I the only one experiencing this problem? I doubt it, as I see this issue on 95% of blogs I have access to and that run the All in One SEO Pack, WHEN rel=canonical is enabled (see error messages above). Now it may be an issue with the Firefox SEO Doctor plugin, but somewhat I doubt that. How is it possible that rel canonical worked before with All in One SEO and now it caused an issue?

    Many thanks!!

    Plugin Author Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    Hi BayLev,

    What is the website with this issue?

    Hi All.
    I am also experiencing the similar problem on both of my sites. Please help.

    I have the same issue. I have unchecked rel=canonical on two of my sites

    Thai Sign Language

    Thailand Blogs

    These sites NOW score 100% on SEO Doctor Browser plugin

    While my two other sites with rel=canonical checked are not indexable according to SEO Doctor.

    English Conversation Online

    British Expats Directory

    All sites except Thailand Blogs are using standard WordPress templates. None have been modified. Any help or observations appreciated.

    I appreciate that I am not a paying customer(but I might become one)however I have recommended this plugin to many friends if that counts for anything. So please can anyone help me with the issue I reported above.

    Some simple questions:

    1. does it matter that my home page appears unindexable according to SEO Doctor Browser plugin

    2. why do my sites become indexable(according to SEO Doctor Browser plugin) if I uncheck rel = canonical in the SEO plugin.

    Several friends blogs who use this plugin are also showing the error.

    Hi Michael

    Sorry for the delayed response! I would like to share the sites URL(s), but cannot, as they are for a client. However, the problem is exactly as Tizer states in his post as well and he has added a few URLs to check.

    Thanks again for the support and all the best

    Plugin Contributor Peter Baylies



    This doesn’t sound like an issue with All in One SEO Pack, it sounds like an issue with SEO Doctor. There’s nothing wrong with having the canonical link of a page set to the domain of a page if that is the actual url of that page, which the front page often is in WordPress. The issue would be if the canonical link of the page was set to the url for the front page when that isn’t the correct link for that page.



    I too have the similar issue, Not SEO Doctor, Moz Crawl Diagnostics shows it as High priority issue too.
    This page is shown as having duplicate content issues with this two pages:

    v and

    I have several other pages have this issue with the Tag cloud. Any idea on how to fix this?


    Plugin Author Steve Mortiboy


    Support Manager at Semper Fi

    Hi Benny,

    Ignore that false error from Moz. A tag archive is not duplicate content, in fact a tag archive is good for SEO because it shows posts that are related to the post the visitor is interested in (i.e. other posts tagged with Google Page Speed). In this case it looks like you’ve only tagged one post with that tag.

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