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  1. Michael K.
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I've been writing my own meta-descriptions for each post using All In One SEO. but Google is using the manual excerpts in their search results instead.

    We use manual excerpts for our post listing since they're shorter and more user-friendly for our readers, so getting rid of them is not an option.

    How can I get the meta descriptions to appear in Google instead of the excerpts? I thought that's what AIOSEO was supposed to do.

    You can see the custom excerpts at work on our homepage here:

  2. You cannot force Google to use any particular bit of text as their blurb on the SERPs. Google chooses what it wants to display. Sometimes it's your meta description, sometimes it's a piece of text from the page.

    I thought that's what AIOSEO was supposed to do.

    No plug-in can do that. Google's algorithms alone decide what will be displayed. AIOSEO simply lets you add a custom meta description per page, which Google may or may not use, at its sole discretion.

  3. For further reading - I suggest you read SEO expert Jill Whalen's article "Getting a Great Google Description" here:


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