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    Hi @sanjitgupta1996, thanks for your review! I’m glad to hear you like the plugin.

    To address your concerns about speed, Site Kit doesn’t add any performance impacting code to a user’s site. If you check your site’s source code before and after installing, activating, and setting up Site Kit you’ll notice only one meta tag link added, as below:

    <meta name="generator" content="Site Kit by Google 1.26.0" />

    The above snippet does not have any impact on performance. Site Kit is primarily an admin panel operated plugin, allowing for the automatic insertion of various Google product snippets at the users preference, without any manual placement of code.

    Note that if you choose to add services such as Google Tag Manager or AdSense, whether manually or via Site Kit, there will be additional requests made to those services. If using Ads placed via Site Kit, you can control the amount of ads or ad networks from within the AdSense platform. If you’ve added multiple Tags inside your Google Manager container, there may be additional third-party services being added or inserted on your site, which could potentially impact performance. Examples of such services are Facebook pixels tracking code or marketing tools. These additional http requests are not made via Site Kit, with the plugin simply allowing for the insertion of this code.

    You can also find additional insights from using or the PageSpeed Insights module within Site Kit. If you have specific concerns about speed for your own site, please do feel free to open a new support topic and we’d be happy to take a look.

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    Thank you for the response.
    I guess you gave the answer.
    Will try to disable the tag manager and as I said earlier sometimes or negligible times it slows down other than that it works perfectly.

    Plugin Support Bethany Chobanian Lang


    Thanks, @sanjitgupta1996! If there’s anything you’d like our help with troubleshooting, just let us know.

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