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  • I previously modified the calendar’s formatting by altering calendar.css, event.css, and general.css. For the most part, I just changed hex colors to match my theme.

    Will I lose functionality by simply re-uploading my old modified CSS files to overwrite the new ones created by the update? Were there updates to the CSS that I should seek to preserve?


    Hi thank’s for the work !
    It appear that events on 3 o 4, 5 7 days onlys show the first day on the calendar page, even for all days events. Very strange !

    The last day event show up with 0h00 hour instead of 15h00.

    Thank’s for your help.

    Great Yani… 1.1.1 solved my problems….

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    – Yes, you will loose functionality if you overwrite the files.
    We have modified the css files a bit and also added new rules for the new features.
    You ca use any tool that allows you to compare files to find out the changes done, then edit the files to preserve your changes.

    – Thanks for reporting, I will look into it and let you know.

    – That’s great to hear!

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    Time to update the post to keep it visible.

    Thank’s Yani but with new version events with more than one days still show up with only the first event day, not with other days until the last one.

    I had to install back the older version of the plugin.

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    Let’s think of an event that starts on Nov 21st at 5pm and ends on Nov 25th at 3pm.
    If you enter the event with start time = 21st @ 5pm and end time = 25th @ 3pm, the event will be shown only on 21st. Many users have requested that we only show the events on their start date and that’s the reason why we switched the calendar to show events only on the start date.

    How to make the event above to show on all dates until the end?

    You need to create the following 3 events:
    Event 1
    Start time: Nov 21st @ 5pm
    End time: Nov 21st @ 11:59pm

    Event 2
    All day
    Start time: Nov 22nd
    End time: Nov 22nd
    Repeat: Daily, until November 24th

    Event 3
    Start time: Nov 25th @ 12:00am
    End time: Nov 25th @ 3pm

    I hope this solves the problem for you.
    If there is some misunderstanding, do let me know.

    ok I understand, but it would have been great if this feature was an option and not an update on the plugin.

    We wan’t to show duration, and it would be too long and boring to create 3-4 or 7 events for weekdays events ! We have many events in a year.

    May I ask you to put it back in a next release wtih an option : show only the first day in general options ? For other user who don’t ask for this feature, it’s disappointing… 🙁

    It would be a good idea in the calendar widget to show only the first day, but not in calendar…

    Why ? Because we have multiple events in a week, with differents category and colors ans some events are about 3 days, and others, 1 day, and other one week.

    (excuse my bad english ;))

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    The plan is that we will have all the events displayed from the start date until the end date in monthly view with just one instance which basically solves the problem for all users. We can add such button, but it will bring some negatives – we can keep the events in one of the two formats and allowing users to switch between the formats will require the system to delete all instances of your events and then parse events again into the format that you specified. This all will take some time and server resources. Until the new monthly view version is released, I can modify v1.1.2 to work the way v1.0.9 worked before the update. Unfortunately, you will have to use the premium support form to request the feature. Let me know if you are interested.


    I have a problem with All In One events calendar over writing events. if i edit an imported event from Facebook(ical) and then update the feed, all of my changes to that event get erased. is there a way to set all in one to not import/overwrite previously imported events?

    Why would i want to do this? many of the events I import are from promoters around town and they have more images then what shows on a facebook event. So i’ll add images and then they are taken away.

    I also auto post from WordPress new post to my fan page. When ever All In One updates the Ical feed, all of the events gets reposted to my fan page which cause my fanpage to get cluttered.

    Thank you

    wordpress 3.3.1 and the latest version of All In One Events Calendar. 4/22/2012

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