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  • Is there a way to copy / duplicate an event? I have a recurring event that doesn’t follow a set pattern, everything in the event is identical except the date. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Unfortunately, this is not possible for the moment.
    Perhaps you can add it as a suggestion here:

    Bummer. thanks for the quick reply!

    Hi Yani

    This would be really useful to me as well as we’re a training company so are repeating the same 8-10 training courses throughout the year, it would be great if I could either copy an existing course and just change the date each time, or set up templates for each course, again so just the date needs filling in.

    Do you think it’s likely to be added as a function?

    Hi there, I use the plugin ‘Duplicate Post’ for this issue. Works perfect!

    Hi Boris

    that’s great, many thanks!

    Yes, thanks Boris! Great simple fix. 🙂

    Hi Borisj,

    I installed the duplicate post plugin to try and make a duplicate of the post, but it is only copying over the WP post info, and none of the AI1EC table info for that event. Did you figure out a workaround for that?

    No, mindcube! I didn’t examine this one bcause I don’t need it.

    Just an update – duplicate an event or events is coming in 1.6 that will be released on 7th of May.

    That’s great news. Thanks Yani!

    Any news on the duplicate event feature Yani?? I can’t seem to find the functonality in 1.6.3 ?? Has it been held over for a later release … or am I missing something ?


    You need to upgrade to the 1.6.3 Premium edition from within the settings screen of AI1EC. There is a large green button on the right which will auto download the premium version.

    Once install you will have the option of “Clone” or “new draft” on the All Events list.

    It works really well as it clones all the details of your event, you just need to set the new date.

    Actually I don’t understand why to upgrade again after the update. Strange!…

    And with the new version there is a conflict with too many other plugins (e.g. wp stats/jetpack) and even the wordpress admin panel (e.g. the plugin preview opens in a new window instead of a thickbox).

    I uninstalled it! Now looking for an adequate calendar plugin. Maybe this one

    Has anyone any experiences with that one?

    I’m using WordPress 3.2.1.

    @inaday – smithgt is right, you need to upgrade to premium version (which is free don’t get mistaken by the name). The upgrade process is very simple – go to calendar settings screen and there is a big green button that says upgrade to premium version, just click it and it will do the rest.

    @smithgt – thank you

    @borisj – sorry that you are having issues with our plugin – We decided to create a new premium version of the plugin for one simple reason – people started copying our plugin from wordpress, create a new plugin from the source code and then sell it. This plugin is free and it will stay free, we don’t want someone to just copy the work we did and sell it. When you upload a plugin to WordPress you lose any control over the source code, meaning that anyone can fork the source code make slight changes and then sell the plugin. The premium version is not obfuscated or encrypted in any way – only the license is different – if you want to sell the plugin, you need to get our permission first.
    I am sorry that the plugin is not working for you, there is a lot of functionality in there and we are using a lot of resources that others plugin might be using too – which could result incompatibilities between two plugins. We are trying to use the very last version of any library we are adding to the plugin. I have to ask you about the following scenario – imagine that you have a wordpress blog with ai1ec installed, then you install wp-stats or jetpack and your admin panel is broken – would you say that wp-stats or jetpack broke your install? If you can fill a bug report on – we will try to fix the problems for your install and for other users experiencing this issue.

    I know that it’s for free. Thanks for telling me why. Btw. the upgrade resulted in a blank page for me. Don’t know why? Maybe my theme, my plugins, my WP version, etc.

    There are just too many issues with this plugin. And with no other plugin I experienced that they affect the wordpress installation.

    Jetpack/WP stats issue:
    Through you calendar plugin the stat graphs don’t load (and I guess for the same reason the plugin previews (and the theme previes?) open in a new window.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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