• It is a beautiful font, really, but haven’t you made the point? OK we get it,…it’s artsy, elegant blogging software. You win! But for the thread titles and date stamps??? I am thinking like, did Sherlock Holmes design this? Or has the Telnet UI team from 1987 finally reunited for one last gig?
    P.S. I think you should also be required to login to post or create threads. It would make conversations in the forum *much* easier to follow, and maybe cranky forum critics less likely to lash out.

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  • …AY “AYE”. All in favor say “AYE”. sigh.

    rather than complain about something completely asinine, you could use your free time to learn a <sarcasm> new fangled teck-nawl-oh-gee called CSS</sarcasm> and quite easily be rid of the dreaded Georgia.
    “… P.S. I think you should also be required to login to post or create threads. It would make conversations in the forum *much* easier to follow, and maybe cranky forum critics less likely to lash out. …” <lightbulb>funny, you didnt …</lightbulb>

    Georgia on my mind (and blog, and forum, and Y! messenger, and food, and clothes)…. you get the point 🙂
    The site is ours to use, but the owner’s to design as he pleases.

    Sorry… this IS kinda funny.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I <3 Georgia !

    Georgia is somewhat overused in WP, especially considering that it is used everywhere. Thank the lord that it’s not Comic Sans (I’ve seen people use it on business cards. What were they thinking?) or Trebuchet (Ok for headings, but annoying for blocks of text.) everywhere. But as Anon said this is very easy to change by opening your CSS file and changing a couple of lines.
    I do feel that login to post should be mandatory. It would deal with a lot of unnecessary posts and cut down on the noise.

    I love Georgia !!!

    I was writing about the forums in particular (I don’t think I made that clear enough), not the WP application interface. Otherwise, yes, as angry anon nutbag pointed out it is very easy to change. I thought angry anon nutbag was suggesting I create my own stylesheet to override Georgia in the forums, which seemed a little extreme. Then I realized he just thought I was some kind of CSS jerk, and that I deserved his wrath for “complaining about something completely asinine”, and wasting everyone’s time.
    To be honest it It’s just something about the format of this forum which makes Georgia feel more like a mean old communist Georgia, and less like a relaxed, free market, Ray Charles kind of Georgia. I think it was just a fridge to far, seeing the date stamp in Georgia. Maybe it is possible to have too much of a good thing? Note: there is a touch of sans-serif at the bottom of the page (“code is poetry…”) It’s striking because it is the only place it is used.
    Re: login to post, Yes. Cut down on the noise *and* make threads easier to follow. On some of the deeper threads it becomes really difficult to follow who has posted what, and the communication breaks down. All in favor of a more restrained use of Georgia and login to post say “nutbag”.

    I guess I should probably log in to post from now on.

    Who said Comic Sans? That’s an excellent idea, it’ll make WordPress seem more “friendly.”
    I’ll start switching everything over tonight!

    Please no 🙂

    allusion: I curse Microsoft for creating Comic Sans, which is the worst font in the world and they has the balls to bastardise Helvetica a.k.a. Arial. Arggg!
    eke: Yes, Lucida Grande is a very nice font. But Windows users will not see it and I find it narrowish for large block of text.

    ah yes MAC font is it. Well, it’s nice for titles. But then again so is Century Gothic and to make sure people see it you got to use PHP imagettftext 😉
    As far as Serif fonts go there are far more elegant ones that Georgia! nu!

    It is a fact that fonts like Georgia aren’t the best fonts for use on screens, especially when the fontsize gets smaller. Also it is more difficult to ‘spot’ a piece of text or a phrase/word in a page with Georgia. Because fonts like verdana are more open it’s easier to browse through a page and find what you need. Also verdana is more suited for reading data kind of text, while arial is very good when reading more story kind of text.
    These are all facts. But to be honest I already got used to this font as being part of the WordPress ‘image’. It’s different from the rest. Yes, I would like another font because it’s easier to read. But in the end I don’t care as long as I can find what I’m looking for, and I would personally vote first for a better categorized forum.

    Georgia, like Verdana, was designed specifically for use on screen and I don’t think it is that difficult to read, especially when you consider that it can only be compared with another serif like Times. You can decide for yourself here: . But you are right that when it gets small it is tricky, and it can be hard to scan. It’s also just an issue of overkill for me anyway.
    I think Georgia could continue to play a large role in the identity of WP, without necessarily being used everywhere. There are some places here in the forum and in the WP application interface itself where Verdana could make things more easy to scan and interact with.
    Would it be possible for an admin to relocate this thread to the design forum?

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