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    I installed EWWW the other day and went through to eventually do the bulk optimize (I now regret this because I should have tested it out individually first, but that’s my mistake). After the bulk optimization was finished, all of my images on my site and event thorough my WordPress Dashboard would not appear. The links to the images are still there when I view the CSS, but for some reason they just won’t appear. I saw in another post that this might be caused by W3 Total Cache and that WP Super Cache would be a better option, so I removed W3 Total Cache and installed the latter.

    Unfortunately I still got nothing. Now here’s where things get tricky, I had noticed that for some reason my CPU usage and other server resources were spiking dramatically with only the slightest use of the site. We have only been averaging about 90 to a little over 100 visitors a day with some user registrations and some form input/output. I checked my error log and saw many “PHP FATAL ERROR: Out of Memory..” notifications. I figured the images on my site going blank might be caused by that, but I went through and installed a brand new WordPress install in a separate folder on my host and low and behold, the images in the WordPress Dashboard work for the new install (which I assumed meant that my images gone missing were not related to a server overload, which I may still be wrong about).

    So my questions are: what do you think could be the true cause behind my images gone missing? And is there a way to reverse the optimization of my images so that my setup would return to normal?

    My website that I’m working on is

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    Sorry, noticed that my link didn’t post correctly the first time.

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    Umm, can you give an example of a page where the images are missing? Your site looks fine to me, but I’m probably missing something. It’s entirely possible that the ‘out of memory’ errors could cause an optimization to fail, but that should also result in the original image being totally un-touched from my experience.

    Sorry, after about 7 hours of tediously trying every solution in the book and collaborating with my host, we finally got it working. They fixed something in my .htaccess file that I think got added when your plugin and w3tc combined. Thanks anyway though! Sorry haha

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    Thanks for the update, must have been w3tc, as my plugin doesn’t touch the .htaccess file. I’ve had problems with w3tc leaving stuff in place after removal too.

    Yeah that’s what I figured. Love your plugin though (now that w3tc is completely out of the way! haha). I can already tell a speed boost to my site. Good work and thanks again for the reply!

    Hi, did you get this problem sorted?, all my images also dissapeared after bulk optimization. cant figure it out, you say you did something with the ht access file?. My site

    ok, sorted. simple but finding issue took some time. was a plugin issue – speed booster plugin, deactivate the lazy image option and viola. 🙂

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