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    Could you have a static image on that page instead of a moving one? It’s distracting.

    i actually wanted to have a video background but i couldn’t figure out a graceful way to pull it off.

    is that all the feedback you have? did you scroll down to the actual content?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    I’m happy to inform you that I scrolled down.

    I think it looks pretty good. If you want a moving background, look into a cinemagraph. They’re GIFs that seamlessly loop. In this case, since it is used in the header, something that moves slower would look better. Also note that using GIFs can dramatically slow down page load time.

    In terms of the content, I really like how you laid out the image gallery. Looks elegant.

    did you find the background in motion distracting because it’s moving or was it playing choppy? Was it a performance or preference thing?

    Thanks! I’ve made cinemagraphs before and I think they can bring a thoughtful quality to a page. In this case, I just took some video footage, turned it into a gif and cut it’s file size way down, I believe this is under 2 megabytes. In the end this is just my own personal site to mess around with so I don’t care too much about it being perfect.

    More because it was moving. It is a preference thing. Rapid motion is eye-catching, and can cause distraction from something you may want your viewer to read. Slower motion is much less distracting.

    I can see that the original image is much smaller than your resized version. This upscaling is causing the choppy motion.

    I think i’m going to focus on making these gifs more textual in the future.

    The nav doesn’t seem to work. Whether I click music, drawings, video etc. it always shows me the same stuff.

    yeah all that stuff is broken. i’m a wordpress newb and need to fix all that stuff soon.

    but it’s responsive!

    [1] Tag and category views should use the same template as your front page – as it is now, those pages look ‘broken’ (the container is full width of screen instead of aligning with the logo, the image is too big). The font size is bigger than the rest of the site as well. These pages look out of place. Same goes for your search results page.

    [2](suggestion) make your content div white background, and your body background the same color as the header/footer area (so it doesn’t leave a white space below the footer should the content not fill up the length of the page).

    [3]Your tags need spaces (animalsciclidfishfreshwater should probably have some spaces in there…) This is on the tag/category view so I’m guessing (at this point) your templating for these areas is a little broken.

    [4]Your logo is awesome – I really like the look of it. Its design compliments the simplicity of your theme, which is also very well done (despite the above problems in it).

    I’ve seen far worse from people claiming to be WordPress experts, so don’t worry too much about it. Trust me – you could have been like some of these other people, attempting to peddle some free theme filled with advertisements and links to questionable resources under the guise of a blog, but you didn’t – and you aren’t. I applaud you for that.

    It’s nice, for a change, not to be presented with a link to ermgerd my first WordPress site gais!!!1! only to find myself staring at the half-hearted workings of some 9-year-old who doesn’t have the grasp of what a blog even is.

    Keep up the good work, keep up the amazing photography, and get those little problems fixed. You’ll learn your way around this in time, and it will get easier from there.

    Wow dude, thanks! Substantial feedback. I don’t know if you are familiar with it but I started with a template downloaded from and kind of built it up from there. So far I’ve really only worked with the index, content, single, content single and footer pages.

    Some of this category stuff is a little over my head, but it’s next on my list. I’m going to try to force the footer at the bottom of the container or something.

    I think I jumped the gun a little bit and just wanted to get something out.

    Also, I checked out your website too, I like you content. I laughed at the kindle fire mayday article you put up. Good stuff man.

    Thanks for the feedback, if you are into it I can keep you posted on when I push something new to see what you think about it.

    I’ve got you bookmarked, actually, so I can drop in from time to time to check out any new fish photos.

    It also looks like you were able to clean up the category/tag stuff I had mentioned earlier with no problem, so I’d say you’re underestimating your own ability here.

    Incase anyone is interested I was motivated to make some stuff this morning.

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