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  • Hi Neevan,

    This outputs a list of co-authors:

    <?php coauthors_wp_list_authors(); ?>

    Or to override the defaults:

    $args = array(
    		'optioncount'      => true,
    		'show_fullname'    => false,
    		'hide_empty'       => false,
    		'feed'             => '',
    		'feed_image'       => '',
    		'feed_type'        => '',
    		'echo'             => true,
    		'style'            => 'list',
    		'html'             => true,
    		'number'           => 30,
    	coauthors_wp_list_authors( $args );

    I need list Author name, avatar and a field.
    There is a way to do that?


    I haven’t tested this, but take a look at this method:



    It works the list and the image, but not the link to author’s page.
    I tried a lot of options.

    And neither put a meta.
    I tried echo the_author_meta(‘tipo-autor’);
    and didn’t work.
    In author.php I wrote it and it works.




    Hey Jeremy Thanks alot and one more thing i have created a plugin and then i have created a shortcode and there is some content, when i am using that shortcode on specific page the content goes out of the div.



    Using coauthors_wp_list_authors();, I don’t see “order” in the the list of args. Any idea of how to sort them?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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