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  • On one page we have the following:
    Matches, by week
    Table standing
    Matches All games

    This used to work but doesn’t anymore. The All games only displays same games as the top one, ie first week now while still before season. The syntax is correct it says all.

    Furthermore I cannot insert anything in the Edit page section by clicking the League Manager Icon. When pressing Insert nothing happens.

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  • Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    Can you get me the URL of the page and the shortcodes you are using.

    On the ‘edit page’ do you mean in a new post window and getting the LeagueManger window to add a shortcode? If so and you’re using WordPress 3.9, it’s a known problem. WordPress updated their version of TinyMCE to 4.0 and it breaks a lot of code. I’m working on the fix, I didn’t realize WP 3.9 had this change and was focused on other issues so was caught off guard, I apologize.

    [matches league_id=1 mode=]

    [standings league_id=1 template=compact logo=true]

    [matches league_id=1 mode=all]

    The last one not displaying “all”

    Okej, I understand the situation with the TinyMCE.

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    Replace this file, I fixed a couple of things in the shortcode.php code earlier. Honestly, the mode function doesn’t do much, you should just remove it as the default is to show all, unless you start limiting what’s shown with group, date, team, match day, etc.


    That file should go in the LeagueManager folder in the ‘lib’ folder, replacing the current shortcode.php file.

    I have one other thing I have to update shortly, so I’m going to push a new release tonight. Let me know if this works for you, if not I’ll get whatever needs to be fixed before pushing the update.

    BTW, this setup is a workaround, since there is no “all” in the first part. If the visitor where able to have a possibility of selecting “all” in the “Match day”-drop in addition to selecting a Match day, then that would simplify things.

    Or even better yet following possibilities in the drop:
    Select one match day (to see a specific weekend)
    Select All
    Select all games played ie with a score
    Select all non played games

    Thanx for your prompt and kind attention to this matter. View my suggestion as just suggestions to improve a already good plug-in, it is not a showstopper 🙂

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    In the two years I’ve used LeagueManager and the year that I’ve been working on development, I’ve never used the interface on the edit page, I just write the shortcodes. Unfortunately, because of that, that interface is behind the changes that I’ve made and now with WordPress 3.9, it doesn’t work because they updated TinyMCE from version 3.x to version 4.0, which breaks a lot of TinyMCE plugins. LeagueManager has a TinyMCE plugin that adds the icon to the edit window, the icon is fine, the window opens, but it’s a blank window (at least on my install) when it opens. I’m trying to fix it as quickly as possible and then will dig into how that interface can be enhanced.

    Anyway, that’s tomorrow’s problem, today we have to get you back where you want to be…

    Tell me exactly what you want in the three shortcodes you showed me and I’ll give you what you need to use. Keeping in mind, the default is ‘all’ as it would relate to mode, you modify what you want to show with other options.

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    I appreciate the suggestions and hope that there are many more where that came from! The objective is to make it as complete as possible. One function that I added a year ago for my use on a basketball website is date range. It works great for what I needed, but I never documented it or added it to the interface. Adding functions to shortcodes is fairly simple, so it’s a good place to work on functionality…

    tried the shortcodes.php, same issue as before. shortcodes not working.

    hi there –
    just uploaded the shortcodes.php and the problem is bigger – now there a no games in the list. before I could see the matches of the actual matchday.

    I am having this issue also:


    This is using the following short code:

    [matches league_id=4]

    Adding mode=All does not change anything.

    I am afraid to use shortcode.php. I am willing to help somehow with testing or something because I have client whose season just started, I billed them for work to display schedule, and now its not visible!!

    Let me know how I can help.

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    Do your leagues have groups?

    No. Just a season with teams.

    This worked in 3.8.x. My client upgraded to 3.9 without telling me and this was introduced. Once upgraded to 3.9, only next week shown.

    Are you able to reproduce?

    stylinjimp – same here.

    but there is another issue with this version – which will not fit in this thread – but when you enter the results for the first matchday – all other results are 0:0 and the points are counted in the table standings.

    Oh Boy! My client upgraded to WP 3.9 while in the admin console before I could test it. Wish this didn’t happen.

    Seems like making all of the fields blank (the games that haven’t been played), and click update Results removes extra games played and points. Maybe not same issue. I really need fix to this Schedule issue. About to dive in to the plugin myself!

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    Devnul, what sport is your site? In soccer and basketball I had added those 0s, but have pulled them out.

    I’ve got new shortcode, soccer and basketball files to hopefully fix these issues if you want to do a test before I release:


    The shortcode.php file goes in the ‘lib’ folder.



    The soccer.php and basketball.php files goes in the ‘sport’ folder.

    Matches default to ‘all’ in the shortcodes, to limit to a group use group=XX, to limit to a match day use match_day=XX, to limit to a team use team=XX, where XX equals the team ID.

    Mode=home isn’t clear to me in reading through the code, if you’ve used it tell me what you were trying to accomplish…

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