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  • Hi illitique

    Nice design.

    Wow 33 posts in only 1 month, are you planning to post daily? I post an average of 1.5 articles per week :).

    By the way, you have a nez follower.

    Cheers for the blog!

    Hi Salenco. The design is very nice, SoulVision 1.0 by JustDreamweaver. I am posting rather heavily right now, since I’ve just got the blog up and running. I’m not sure how many posts per day or week I’ll end up settling on.

    Thanks for the twitter follow, and I returned the favor.


    nice design! only thing i would say is the poll is a little distracting for me. i feel it takes way from seeing your nicely designed site.

    I agree with queesy, the poll doesn’t go with the rest of the theme

    u site looks so beautiful,u do a good joob! welcome your feedbacks too.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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