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  • My site relies on the featured image thumbnail to display it’s product images.
    I have over 1000 products listed. After the update, everything is blank, no product images. My whole shopping site is rendered useless.

    Within the post editor the featured image is also removed.
    I display images via <?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?>

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  • Have you tried:

    – deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    – switching to the Twenty Eleven theme to rule out any theme-specific problems.

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or PhpMyAdmin. Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.

    – re-uploading all files & folders – except the wp-content folder – from a fresh download of WordPress.

    i have the same problem as the opening poster and I suspect that this forum will be deluged with complaints when people update.

    I have a lot of Amazon sites which run off featured images attached to posts. They use the WPZON plugin using the estore theme. It would appear that Wordrpress 3.4 has a very serious bug which removes featured images from posts.

    Just to be clear before anyone gives a copy & paste response blaming the theme or plugins – the images disappear from already published posts. They are there in 3.3 and gone as soon as it is updated to 3.4.

    My advice to anyone who has an image intensive site is…


    …unless you have a good backup of your site. You will lose all your images.

    Don’t you guys bother to fully test updates before you push them out?


    1. It is impolite and contrary to forum policy to interrupt another poster’s ongoing thread with a question of your own. Please post your own topic.


    I suspect that this forum will be deluged with complaints when people update

    Actually, no – it hasn’t been.


    They use the WPZON plugin using the estore theme

    And did you try the steps any of the steps recommended in Did you even bother to read it?


    My advice to anyone who has an image intensive site is

    Your “advice” is extremely bad and will only open up more sites to hackers longer term.


    Don’t you guys bother to fully test updates before you push them out?

    WordPress 3.4 was tested for about 3 months. Oh – and since is a community, “you guys” also includes you personally. How much beta testing did you do?


    It’s not that big a deal. Just sit back relax and do a few simple checks.

    I run WP Zon Builder stroes and all my featured images disappeared. This is different to losing your featured images – they are still there and I doubt that you have lost anything.

    From my experience it seems an issue with the_excerpt not pulling in the featured image – this appears to be a theme issue not a plugin issue. (I’m using a child of the travel-blogger theme on

    All I did was simply change the theme the_excerpt call to the_content call and the images came back.

    I think it’s a theme issue because the images for the featured post widget are also not displaying.

    But it’s certainly nothing to panic too much about.

    After updating to 3.4, half the images from all of my posts with images are not displaying. There is a holder there that if clicked, will open the image. In the editing window, it appears as a broken/corrupt image file. Will someone from WordPress let us know what’s going on and a time frame for when we can expect to see a fix?

    Im having the same issue as alanedwards and others.

    After updating to 3.4 all my attached featured images on my product posts were removed along with the corresponding thumbnails.

    Since my site is in dev – I tried re-importing the wpzon products but none of the new products generated featured images or thumbnails either. Not sure what the dealio is and not so savvy as to be able to effectively diagnose the issue myself.

    @kevin Heath
    When Changing the_excerpt to the_content- were the featured images still set in your blog posts prior to the change?

    The problem Im experiencing is the featured images are no longer attached to the post; and when I checked the media library – all the formerly attached images are blank with a full size of 0x0. They appear to have been wiped out entirely?


    yes you can take a look at to see how it appears.

    The theme I use used to have the_excerpt which showed the thumbnail and the excerpt. I lost the thumbnail on upgrade (I also lost the thumbnails in the featured products widget). After changing to the_content I got the thumbnail together with the sale price etc but lost some of the description. So I’m currently running with the_content followed by the_excerpt to give the front page display.

    The more I look at this the more I think it’s an issue with the wp zon plugin or more specifically the wp autothumbnail generator which is based on

    It would be interesting to know what thumbnail creator the other are using to see if thisis the problem.


    I having the same problem: 95% of my featured images are gone. They are still there on the file system. It appears that WordPress sees the attached featured image in the media library for that post as a 0px by 0px image.

    I also have a problem similar to @nvtyson.

    In the past, I did have to generate these thumbnails, and I used Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. I did this, because many of my posts do not have the images “attached”.

    During an export and import from one server to another, many of the images became detached. So, I wonder if that is part of the problem.

    (side-note: I’d love to know how to BULK re-attach images to posts that already have the images inside them.) More pressing, is how to fix all these featured images without have to manually go through. I have over 170 custom post types that need it and then probably another 300 blog posts missing featured items.

    This problem is related to wp3.4. I do not have this problem for the same website using wp 3.3

    Here’s what I did to fix my problem.

    First: I deleted all the thumbnail images in the database.
    delete sf_postmeta from sf_postmeta inner join sf_posts on sf_postmeta.post_id = where sf_posts.post_date < '2011-10-02' and sf_posts.post_type in ('photo','plan','post') and sf_postmeta.meta_key = '_thumbnail_id';

    Second: I downloaded the Auto Post Thumbnail Plugin and Edited the Plugin by applying the fix as determined in this post:

    Then: I auto-generated my images which recreated the thumbnail images for all the posts that were missing the field in the database that we deleted in the first post.

    Just to be clear though: This did not Bulk re-attach all the images that were already in the posts. It just generated a new thumbnail based upon the images I did have.

    For those using WP ZonBuilder, they already fixed it on their end (3 days ago). WP 3.4 definitely changed something but 99% chance it is for the better of the whole system. It’s good to see people are on top of this so quickly, though. Shows true community support.

    WP ZonBuilder:


    When I upgrade to WordPress 3.4 I lose my thumbnails pictures in my home page,should keep the wp 3.3 and wait to wp 3.5 to come out? Hopping that it will solve the problem.

    Will the same happend when updateing to 3.4.1 ? anyone know?

    @tmpteam This happened to me as well at a 3.4.1 install. Has anyone solved this already? I tried this fix for an updated site, that didn’t work out either.

    Re-uploading is not an option for me as this website I need to update has about 300 product items or so.

    If it is updated at 3.5 I am prepared to wait.

    Please post your own topic.

    I just wanted to chime in here and say we experienced the issue too. I believe it had to do with the featured image meta not being created properly when they were being entered into the system. But I have some posts that had featured images inserted manually through the upload system and they are gone too.

    It’s a pretty big deal. And hard to figure out. I’m will try to try scott9s message but it intimidated me. I tried using ‘Auto Featured Image’ featured image generation alone without deleting the old thumbnails first but that hasn’t worked.

    This post seems to be helping me solve it though. There is a plugin there that is helping me auto-re-renerate the thumbnails.

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