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  • Since installing the update, all of my events are now starting 4 hours earlier then they should be. I’m in the New York time zone and I believe I have things properly configured with the plugin. When I check a given event with the editor, the correct times are listed. It is when the event is published to a given webpage that the 4 hour offset is occurring.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    Can you tell me what settings you have for your blog timezone and your event? Normally, the time on the event page (or anywhere actually) shouldn’t change after the upgrade.

    One thing you can try to set things right is to go to Settings > Admin Tools >
    Reset Timezones

    If that doesn’t help, I may need to take a closer look at your site to figure out what went wrong. Please get in touch here – – don’t forget to mention the url of this page so we know who you are.

    I have been using the development version for a while now, which did what this new update does.

    I found you have to use “New York”, not the manual UTC offset. I had to always choose a city in the same time zone as the one hosting the event.

    The manual offset will give you weird results.

    Following Graham’s comment, I went to the WordPress settings area and instead of choosing “New York”, I selected UTC-5. This immediately fixed the problem. So my solution seems to be just the opposite of Graham’s. In my case, I have to manually choose the UTC offset.

    I run a site that has global events, but my server time is set to Australian time (GMT+8). So I had to use an actual city for my client’s events.

    If you are hosting events in the same area as yourself, then the manual offset would work fine. But as Marcus said, you should really set both your WP settings and EM settings to your time zone (UTC-5).

    Then there is no need to assign an event time zone as they will default to UTC-5.

    “…But as Marcus said, you should really set both your WP settings and EM settings to your time zone”

    but in my wp settings, it is set to Taipei (UTC +8) and in the EM plugin, its also set to Taipei.

    But it still forces every event time to be pushed +8 on whatever I set.

    Taipei is UTC+8 but as stated, it still pushes it +8 anyway.

    what am I missing? Note that it is users / customers hosting events and getting messed up and confused, even thinking it’s them and redoing the events as if it’s their fault, but it’s this damn plugin…

    any help here guys?

    I said that from memory.

    I just checked my test site and my WP time is set to Perth, not GMT+8

    In EM the default time zone for new events is GMT.

    From memory, I think I had to go to Admin Tools (Advanced) and reset the time zone on existing events.

    Then edit them if they are in a different time zone to your site.

    But it was a few months ago, so I’m not sure.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    During the dev versions, we did discover an issue with UTC offsets creating problems, but that was fixed about a month or so ago.

    The setting on our settings page is simply a default timezone you’ll see when creating a new event, it *should* have no effect on the timezone once you save an event, you can set it to whatever you want at that point.

    The blog timezone is what we’ll use when displaying event lists. Now, future events will be shown relative to the local blog time. For example, you have an event in Australia at 9pm and one in London at 9pm, the blog timezone is London. If you check the site at 8pm london time, the Australian event has already passed so it’s not there on the list anymore.

    @adi-admin I did give you a link in my last comment where you can get in touch so I can take a closer look at your site. I’m around…

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @msheldon and @sandgroper I’d be interested to know if now using either/or manual offsets or city timezones work for you. It should work in both ways now. If not, my offer to take a look for this situation still stands, contact link is above!

    Hi Marcus,

    Have not tried manual offsets again. Will give it a go and let you know.

    Currently trying to rapidly solve a problem with new members signing up and sending PM’s to every member.

    Got to fix that problem first!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @msheldon sorry I mixed up threads as Rainbow also started his own thread. I would be interested to see the issue you’re experiencing myself, so do get in touch if you can.

    Hi Marcus,

    I just created an event on my test site using UTC+10, which is two hours ahead of me at GMT+8.

    It does show the correct time now, unlike the earlier dev version.

    So all is well.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi Graham, your case was due to a bug with regards to how we handled UTC times, so not affected by the issue others seem to be reporting.

    For others, please try dev version It’s pretty much 5.9 with a small tweak or two which will hopefully fix this problem.

    You can upgrade to EM dev versions via your WP dashboard, see these instructions.

    The issue with others when they’re using either/or is likely due to an offending line of code in a plugin/theme, still verifying exactly what it could be.

    The gist is that a line of code somewhere is using date_default_timezone_set() to set a different timezone. WP does this right at the start, setting it to UTC in wp-settings.php, and in theory nothing else should alter the timezone (or at least set it back afterwards).

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