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  • Hello,

    I need some help with my Events List plugin.

    Suddenly all my events are not displayed anymore. After some research I found out that all the events are still in the database “wpa8be05event_list”. But if I create a new event, then it is created in the database “wpa8be05posts”.

    How can I get my events displayed again correctly on my webpage?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi,

    I think I have the same problem.

    All my past event are not showing in the backend and the frontend. They are still in the database…
    I think the only ones that are showing, are the one I enter after the last update.

    My website :


    I can see the same issue on my site. Also I saw a never ending update described a few threads ago. This might be a problem concerning databases with renamed prefix.

    Read this thread. I don’t believe the underlying problem (the major plugin re-write for 0.8.0) has been fixed after my last attempt at the upgrade to 0.8.2, despite the developer’s claim to have done so.

    But that thread does have solutions to disappeared events, you just might need to try a few depending on what version of the plugin you’re running now and what you updated from.

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    Please note, since version 0.8.0 the event-list table is not used anymore!
    Since then a custom post type is used which saves the Events in the posts and postmeta tables. This is the default WordPress approach and has a lot of benefits, but unfortunately also result in troubles for some of the plugin users, especially due to the required upgrade process to convert existing events into the new db structure.
    I do not have deleted the existing event-list database to allow rolling back to the older plugin version. The old table will be deleted in the next minor version 0.9.0.

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    Please tell me the new tables’ names and structure so i can at least manually transfer the data missing

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    It is not so easy manually add events directly via db anymore.
    The events data is splitted up in the already mentioned database tables “posts” and “postmeta”.

    @mibuthu – please can you give some definitive advice on what to do about updating the plugin?

    I have a website running Event List 0.7.12 with a total of 1419 events in its database. Of these, as of today, 44 are Upcoming, 1375 are Past. I have never attempted to upgrade the plugin on this site given the past “troubles” as you put it.

    I would like to upgrade in order to keep the software up to date with your development efforts.

    But I’d like to keep all Past events visible/available via the plugin ‘interface’ for historical review purposes.

    How can I update and achieve this?

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    @zimbo000 – there should be nothing special, the update should be done automatically. All existing events will be converted to the new structure, you do not loose any event.

    The only thing to consider is that the upgrade procedure will take a while with so many existing events. So please wait long enough after the upgrade before you reload the page.

    If there is still a problem during the upgrade you have the “joker” to manually start the upgrade procedure again via the additional url parameter “resume-el-upgr=0.8.0″ (e.g. as already mentioned in the other thread.

    I have rolled back to 0.7.1 and it is working.

    Then I tried to upgrade again, but the events disappeared again.
    So, I think I need to refrain from updating?

    Checked the whole db but did not find any new table belonging to the events list. Searched for some characteristic field entries throughout all db tables and fields and did not find any of them. So the entries are lost.
    Beside: i installed all plugins in time…

    @jaf88 – there is no separate events db table anymore after 0.8.0: @mibuthu said above this data is now stored in the standard WP posts and postmeta tables.

    Maybe @mibuthu can explain the update process for old/past events: presumably during teh update he takes these events out of wp_event_list and puts them into posts/postmeta tables – but then deletes the old table… ?

    In the process of the events from previous versions being updated to being stored in the standard WP posts and postmeta tables, it made me the author on all of them rather than the staff who update the events information. This means that my staff cannot edit existing events (as their user permissions are lower than mine).

    Does anyone (particularly, I imagine @mibuthu) have a straight-forward solution that will allow me to edit the author of all the events in one go?

    Or is my best option to identify the post_author ID number of an appropriate staff member and create a MySQL query that will find all items in the wp_posts table with the post_type “el_events” and replace my post_author number with theirs?

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