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  • Hi,

    I just upgraded to the newest version and was so hopeful this issue would have been resolved but it doesn’t appear to be.

    Is there anyway you could upgrade this plug-in so that when folks choose to get notified of “All Emails” (not just Summary or Digest) the email is sent with HTML formatting?

    The individual emails sent when you choose “All Emails” look so bad, very unprofessional and so behind the times.

    Is there a plan to make it so that all Email notifications (whichever option people choose) the email arrives with appropriate formatting (even just rich text formatting with returns would be better than what is sent).

    Thank you for considering,
    C. Delany

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  • Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Immediate emails are sent using the BuddyPress email system, which was introduced in BP 2.5+. This email system powers HTML emails. So, on a default installation, BPGES emails – immediate *and* digest – are sent using HTML formatting. What you are seeing is not the default behavior.

    As a starting place: Are other BP-related emails, such as friendship requests, being sent with HTML formatting? If not, then your problem may be a conflicting plugin, which is forcing a fallback to non-HTML email. Look specifically for plugins that modify the way that email is sent, such as an SMTP plugin.

    Thread Starter Cindi Delany


    Hi Boone,

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I’m using BuddyBoss Theme and Platform and WP Mail SMTP. The other emails that come through do have nice formatting – but I’m assuming that formatting is coming from BuddyBoss. When I asked them about the individual group email formatting they just said it wasn’t part of their platform and didn’t have any suggestions.

    Is there any fix for this?

    I really love the functionality of the plug-in and the options it gives for this important function. Having users be able to get an email to keep up with group activity is so important for the site I’m running (it’s an animal shelter community and LMS system with an emphasis on COVID -19 response right now).

    I am a newbie and so would either need detailed instructions or would need to phone a friend if there’s a more complicated fix.

    I really appreciate any help you can give me as I really would like to be able to fix this issue.

    Thank you,

    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Hi Cindi –

    It’s possible that WP Mail SMTP is part of the issue, but the fact that HTML formatting works in other BP emails suggests that it’s not a global problem.

    One thing to check. In Dashboard > Emails, do you see any entries related to BuddyPress Group Email Subscription? Specifically, do you see one with the title [<code></code>] <code>ges.subject</code> and the “situation” A member created a group activity entry. Used by the Group Email Subscription plugin during immediate sendouts.? If it’s the case that the email template is simply missing, we might be able to figure out a somewhat straightforward fix.

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    Hi Boone

    I use WP Better Emails for html formatting – In the HTML-template, I add my site logo) in the header and footer – I can’t do that with BP mail system.

    Would it be possible for BP GES to support WP Better Emails?

    Thanks for this plugin.


    Thread Starter Cindi Delany


    Hi Boone,

    I am seeing some email details related to the Subscription plug in. I’ll attach a couple of screen snips of the Email screen info and then a View Email snip of what should be sent for an immediate email. I’ll also send a screen snip of what is actually going on when a post is made in a group and someone has their settings to receive all emails.

    Thank you for any help you can give me with this. I would love to get this working so that I can encourage folks to use our groups more. I feel like it’s a barrier right now.


    Plugin Author r-a-y


    Cindi – It looks like BuddyBoss is using a different HTML email system than BuddyPress. BuddyBoss is a fork of BuddyPress, so certain plugins will not work.

    I would try our plugin with BuddyPress on a test site. If the BP Group Email Subscription plugin works, then the HTML templates for BP Group Email Subscription plugin is not compatible with BuddyBoss and you’ll need to request that functionality with their platform.

    Lars – You need to write a custom email template file. Copy the following template from BP Nouveau into your child theme and make your adjustments:

    The template should be located here – /wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME/buddypress/assets/emails/single-bp-email.php

    r-a-y – thanks for your help! I managed to customize the bp email template with images.

    Cheers, Lars

    I think I am having the same problem. Using buddyboss. all normal buddboss emails look fine. Any email sent by this plugin using a setting other than “all emails” works fine. If using all emails all the formatting tags seem to be stripped from any feed post in a group.

    Im using WP Mail SMTP as well

    Plugin Author r-a-y


    toniictech – As I mentioned above, BuddyBoss is a fork of BuddyPress and their email system is different. We do not officially support BuddyBoss.

    cindy and toniictech, with that being said, you can try the following code snippet:

    This code snippet works with other HTML email plugins like WP Better Emails and might work with BuddyBoss. No guarantees that this will work though.

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