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  • jynk


    and can’t get any of my files to work. Used the examples and added another columns as a custom field but never works once i make any changes. Seems really ‘over sensitive’ where csv user import works well?1

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  • flick


    Perhaps you can post a sample of your csv, jynk? I can confirm that CSV Importer works in 3.1.x and also WP 3.2, and I have also used it to create posts for a custom post type and add taxonomies.

    save your CSV as “WINDOWS CSV” from excel. Also watch for crazy MS Word characters creeping in…those break it every time.

    hello – sorry thought i’d get an email notification for replies!

    I just manually converted the csv to sql in the end but will try the above next time.

    thanks, Dc

    OK, i just lost 2 days of my life, but I’m happy to say i found out what was causing the problem for me. PERMALINKS! i was using the poor format of /%category%/%postname%/. after seeing the rewrite error i read some articles and found out i need to use a better permalink structure when you increase the number of pages on your site. made perfect sense. switched to /%year%/%postname%/. refreshed pages and now uploading 900 pages in a few seconds.

    also, to prevent losing SEO, rank, etc. you should checkout adding the plugins. “Permalinks Moved Permanently” or “Dean’s Permalinks Migration”

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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