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  • We had no comments to our posts for MONTHS and now almost daily we get junk that I have to go and “moderate” – which means of course, deleting it. The websites these spam posts seem to emanate from contain incomprehensible babble and the comments are come-ons for ring tones, or a few words, meaningless dribble. I’d like to block them but don’t know if that’s possible; I go in and mark them as “spam” but there is no indication of what that does. What’s the point? Can I block this crap and if so how? Anyone know if its from one source – many of the weird websites have “massage’ or “ring tone” in them and are just bizarre word salad. I’m new here and pretty unfamiliar with how things work so be gentle? Thank you!

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  • Do you have any spam protection plugin active?
    Bad Behavior

    Read this:

    Moshu – I don’t and i don’t even know what spam protection plugin means – what it does, how it works or how I use it.

    Just follow the link to learn about it.

    I’m sorry I did follow the link and I don’t understand half of the language presented. I don’t even know what a “plug-in” is and I don’t see it defined. I went to “akismet” and they talk about “API keys” without defining them and I was lost trying to understand. the download says it’s a “PC zip archive” – I can’t tell if that means “non-Mac” but I have a Mac. On bad behavior I see references to MySQL and ASCII which are beyond me and not Mac friendly. i’m guessing that may be part of the problem but nowhere does it seem to say up front what system is required.

    It seems that this stuff is for the user a level or two above me and I read for about 10 minutes and didn’t know what I was reading. Hek I couldn’t even find “my account” when I was logged in. I look down here where I am typing and see “allowed tags” and don’t know what that means; I see “Put code in between ‘backticks” and don’t know what THAT means. I can’t find anywhere on any page if this stuff works on a Mac, which usually is something i need to know in advance.

    Is there any way to – well maybe I’m asking for something to be dumbed down but I am baffled by the supposed ease of the information being offered and don’t know what to do. Could someone – anyone – explain it more clearly?

    I run akismet, starting from a Mac. MySQL is Mac friendly — I have had it running under several versions of OSX, and it’s running WordPress behind the scenes. It was a while ago that I installed akismet so I forget the details, sorry, all I can say is that for me it was worth the effort. I think the API key gets emailed to you after you do the initial setup of akismet, then you enter it to finish the setup.

    That thing that looks like a backward-tilting single quote is a backtick.

    “Allowed tags” is for people who want to put HTML in their posts. The posting software has to check, because there are some HTML tags that hackers could use to hijack the page if there were no restrictions.


    What I want to know is what’s with the comment spam that I’m being bombarded with from — it looks like innocuous vapid compliments (things like “Lovely site! Keep up the good work”), but I suspect that the spammer(s) is(are) hoping I’ll approve it and then he’ll be in the inner circle and able to post without my being able to moderate his future spam. Fortunately akismet is catching it so I haven’t had to delete it manually.

    Is there a way to remove a person from the list of approved commenters, if someone eventually fools me that way?

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