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    Did someone or organization local attack WP servers?

    If not, don not let the innocent WordPress Chinese users pay for anything which make no reference to technical , it’s shame on somebody who making WP political.

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    From what I can tell, is not blocking Chinese IP addresses, but there’s a suggestion that many users are coming through the same gateway at the same time, causing a situation where rate limiters may kick in. It has nothing to do with politics (yes, which is rare these days!).

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    @sterndata Well, Steve, now I understand it.

    “[many users] are coming through the same gateway at the same time” , it may not real “users”,but some robots be controlled, they may plan to use some old version wordpress security issue (hole) to do something I guess, or didn’t want some users see something on WP related.

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    @jdembowski I got the link, I hope it’s not an ISP level DNS hijack .

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    Most Chinese users have not public IP, they are all in NAT and access server via 1 public IP from ISP.

    It should not be limited based on the frequency of IP access.

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    PPPOE拨号变更IP,不会造成同一时间大量用户以一个IP访问WP, 因为每个用户的IP都是随机的。并不是NAT到一个单独IP,而是一批IP地址。

    @jdembowski Is the CDN’s problem?

    Any news?

    internat IP address not enough in china.

    very very poor (ipv4) so Only companies can use it.

    How to connect everyone to the Internet ? NAT

    All ISP created the big huge Intranet and hundreds millions people use use it then NAT to a few internat IP addresses.

    by the way
    company internat ip — still 409

    now I use vpn
    Don’t struggle,let it go, you have ways

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    @xadf 问题以前IPV4地址也不够,并未大面积、持续的出现409问题。 而是在中国政治敏感期70年庆典前后出现的,这不是单纯技术性问题。




    I work for IT 20 years.I know internat of china.
    You are being paranoid.

    ” 至于为什么这么做,可能是便于集中监管,甚至是便于劫持”
    Are you conspiracy theorist????

    Are you feeling every one set up you ????

    @chrisqie @@jdembowski

    WordPress is free and free of charge

    It also has a Chinese version

    WordPress is also free to upgrade and fix bugs

    We should be grateful

    During this period of time, WordPress encountered problems. All users need to upgrade. The server may be overloaded. Make some restrictions to prevent the server from crashing. Did it have any problems???

    Please understand WordPress’s dilemma when you use all free WordPress.
    Don’t speculate about WordPress or ISP or government without any evidence

    It’s not Chinese style
    We understanding

    I did some test . it Verified @jdembowski’s words

    It is not that any region is blocked, It’s a protection on the web servers.

    This true

    I just want to say

    Thank you WordPress for everything

    Hope WordPress to return to normal as soon as possible

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    conspiracy theorist? 20 years IT ? Funny ,you know what you are …… don’t let others point it .

    上网人群总量并没变化,wordpress却忽然出现这个问题,你说是因为IPV4数量忽然紧缺成这样?造成上亿人用几个NAT地址? 只是更新了5.3一个小版本,429持续如此之久,你说是更新造成的? 我指出可能的事实,你说我阴谋论?

    It’s just Chinese style

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    I think this topic has run its course.

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