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  • In the header middle, between “Search for Product” and the Search-button is a Category-dropdown (which is great), but the order of the categories doesn’t make sense to me.

    Where/how can I make it use the default order as in the other product-category menus?

    And another, less important issue: Is there any way to use a header background-image?

    BTW: I found your theme only yesterday and so far I’m quite impressed.

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    OK, I’ll try to explain it better:

    In the header, there is (from left to right)

    1. Big dropdownmenu (I love it!)
    2. Search bar containing of 3 parts:
    2a. “Search for products” (type field)
    2b. “All Category” (dropdown menu)
    2c. “Search” (button)

    3. My account icon
    4. Cart icon

    I’m talking about the (2) Search bar “All Categoriy” dropdown menu.
    Actually it is redundant, since I have the great dropdown menu on the left header side AND I have another categories menu on the left sidebar.

    So, how can I hide this dropdown menu in the middle of the header (in the middle of the search bar)?

    If that’s not possible, is there at least a way to influence the order of the categories in the dropdown menu (like it is in all the other menus)?

    This is my main issue. But I also would like to know, if there is a way to use a header background image?

    Thanks and regards in advance!

    Thread Starter giraffe75


    No response, a bit frustrating.

    I tried to un-display the product_cat (in the middle of the whole search bar) by using additional CCS:

    .product-cat {

    and many variations of it – nothing worked.

    So for now as a makeshift, I used this code:

    .below-header-col2 {

    to un-display the whole search bar. Which is a bit unfortunate, and I will have to add another search function…

    Still hoping for a better solution.



    Hello @giraffe75,

    Im frustated too, no responses to your question and issues, the no response of themes owner its just a bad review gaining.

    Do you know how to add into a shorcut or something the whole menu?
    Im looking how to use it and move around my site, greetings.


    Try to hide the dropdown.

    option.level-0 {
    display: none;

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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